5 Types of People on Halloween

ignore the “all week” part…using an old image

Hello friends! I’m really excited for today’s post because I’m finally getting around to doing some of the fall/Halloween posts that I mentioned wanting to do! I figure this will give you guys a nice break from Aftershock.

Oswald will be your host for today’s post. Your ghost host.


Have you ever noticed that there are certain types of people when it comes to Halloween costumes? Today, I’ll be sharing five of these types.


1. The guy who’s only dressing up because his mom made him

We all have that one friend. You know, the one who claims he’s ‘too old’ for Halloween? Yeah, he puts almost no effort into his costume and there’s a 99% chance he’s only dressing up because his mom wants him too. He might be in it for the candy though.


2. The girl who dresses up twice to get more candy

Have you guys ever met someone so greedy that she dressed up two or more times to get more candy from the same houses? Yeah. That would be my friend Cherry. However, she claims she ‘had a twin’ and that ‘she wasn’t doing anything wrong.’


3. The person who really likes Marvel

Like, this dude really, really likes Marvel. He wants everyone to know that he isn’t the MCU version of Spider-Man…he’s from the 2002 film.


4. The one who takes his costume a little too seriously

He really gets into character. He keeps asking me to join the dark side.


5. The person who’s already ready for the next holiday

She’s ready to move on from Halloween to Christmas already. She actually started playing Christmas music in September, and she’s already put up her tree.


We hope you enjoyed this Halloween post! Keep an eye out for more Halloween content this week on BABF!


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      1. It was! Actually, they were playing with a ball that we brought with us. They were teeny tiny, like 3 and 4. They kept chasing it and then when one would catch it they held it up to their mom and said: “I won!!!!”

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