Aftershock Epilogue

Hello friends!

Today is our last day of Aftershock week! I have something fun planned today…

I half-expected that some of you might have been disappointed with the abrupt ending Aftershock. I mean, aren’t there still loose ends to deal with?

Yes, there are. That’s why I’ve put together…An Aftershock Epilogue!

Before I share the epilogue with y’all, I’d like to thank you once again for following this story. I really cannot put into words how much each comment has meant to me! I know a lot of you are a bit sad to think of no more Aftershock, and I am a bit sad about it too. But I know that I’ve got exciting things planned after the holidays, so I hope you stick around! I’ll hopefully be debuting a new photo series in January or February! And hopefully, I can do an event for Bella’s Wedding since I’ve been meaning to for nearly a year.

Without further ado…I give you the Aftershock Epilogue! (Here’s the finale, in case you missed it)

(Teddy’s POV)


I know what you’re thinking. And no, that’s not because I can read minds. I can only control water.

You’re thinking…“Did Aftershock really end like that? I want to know more about what happened to my favorite characters!”

And that’s totally fair. I mean, last you heard about me, I was working on a paper for History. Boring!

(I got an A+ on that by the way.)


Anyway, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to tell you all about what happened after the Battle of Supers. It’s been two years already, so a lot has changed.


First of all, let’s talk about my mom. You may know her as Lauren, Agent Davis, or Miss Aftershock. I know her as Mom. She adopted me and helped me hide my powers. Of course, now I don’t have to hide them anymore, but I’ll get to that later.

My mother now runs the government agency known as League of Superheroes, usually abbreviated as LoS. It used to be kinda cruel towards supers (ironic, huh?), but things have gotten better since Mom took over.

Even though Mom didn’t have a lot of seniority (I think that means she wasn’t an agent for very long? But I’m not entirely sure.), Mr. Man specifically chose her to lead LoS. I think he liked her perspective on things, and he would have known who the best fit would be. I mean, he could read minds! I never met him, but I wish I had. Mom and Aunty Tori always talk about him with high regard. (Meaning, they really liked him)


Speaking of Mr. Man, once things calmed down with the battle, a memorial was held for him. Mom made me go. Turns out, Mr. Man was a really cool dude. He changed a lot of perspectives about supers. He led LoS for forty years! And he was like twenty-something when he started…imagine being that old! I’m glad I’m not anywhere close to that old.

Anyway, now that Mom is in charge, there isn’t as much of a bias against supers anymore. Yes, there are some bad supers out there, but there are far more good supers, superheroes, to protect the people. We normally do a pretty good job at keeping the bad guys locked up.


Oh! Right! You didn’t know. LoS stopped neutralizing people, especially now that we found out it doesn’t even work for that long. Instead, there are special cells used to keep the bad guys, like Pyro and Lady Aftershock. Anyway, now that LoS isn’t as strict, there are less supers that do bad things. I guess if you give people a little freedom, it makes them more willing to obey the rules that are in place. (That’s what Mom says at least.)

That means we don’t have to hide anymore. People aren’t as scared of us. I like that a lot.

Anyway, enough of the government mumbo-jumbo. That’s pretty boring, and I talk about that enough in school.


Even though Mom has a lot on her plate at work, she always makes time for me. I lucked out by getting the kindest, most attentive mom on the planet. She also makes time for her friends…and I bet you want to hear more about them now.


Aunty Tori is doing well. She ended up quitting LoS in hopes of finding a job with lower stress levels. Currently, she’s trying out job recruiting. She says that recruiting was her favorite part of working at LoS, so she likes recruiting people for jobs too. She’s good at finding out everyone’s strengths and discovering where they’d be good.


Oh! I need to hurry up, I’m running late. Mom will be so mad if I’m late.


Uncle Andy still works at LoS, though his job looks a little different now. He keeps track of supers who don’t work with LoS, but he doesn’t pressure them into anything.


Baby is just as sassy as ever, but you probably expected as much.


I think that just about does it.

“Teddy!” I hear Mom call. “Are you ready?”


I finish tying my bowtie. “Yes. Why do I have to wear this anyway?”

My suit is very itchy.



Romantic music plays and flower line the aisle. Yuck.

I look at the people standing around me: Mom, Andy, a fancy dude I don’t know, and a few more people I don’t know.


Baby whirls down the aisle, littering flowers as he goes. “Make way!”

The organ pipes up a new tune as a new face appears.


I see Aunty Tori, looking beautiful in a white dress, strolling down the aisle.

That’s right, this is a wedding. I’m sure you all know who’s getting married by now. Yup. Andy and Tori.

Apparently, they discovered their feelings for each other after Pyro wrecked their plane and Andy spent a month in a coma…great timing you two. 


The fancy dude says a few words and then the two exchange vows, now they’re married.


Eww, are they going to?



They kissed! DISGUSTING! 


Okay, I’m done. I can’t take this epilogue stuff anymore. Just know that we’re all happy and healthy, aside from the fact that I have an English paper due on Tuesday.

So? What did you think? I hope you really like this final look into the Aftershock world!

Please don’t forget to come back for all the fun stuff we have planned this holiday season and beyond!


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