Autumnal Photoshoot with Ginger

Hello friends!

Today I have a photoshoot for you all! I was going to post a tag today, but I ran out of time and I already had the photos for this, so I decided to do the tag next week. After that…it’ll be time for blogmas! More details will come from that in a couple weeks!

Anyway, today, I have this lovely photoshoot of Ginger! When I got Ginger, I’d planned to do a lot of fall-themed posts with her, since she’s a pumpkin spice bear, but once again I ran out of time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one photoshoot!

Let’s get into the photos!


I got this scarecrow from Walmart earlier in the season. I’d wanted to make a photo story with him, but again…I ran out of time! Hopefully next year. For now, Ginger is admiring his position on my bookshelf.


Ginger’s found this lovely rose gold pumpkin I got from Dollar Tree.


Hello fall! Even though fall is winding down now…haha.


Hello pumpkin!


Ginger’s gathered a lot of books. She’s a literature major, so she’s garnered a deep appreciation for classical literature!


Ginger says that this is a great book to read in the fall.


And maybe this one too…


Ginger loves all things pumpkin.


Here’s another scarecrow friend of Ginger’s!


Ahhh, aren’t the autumn leaves such pretty colors?


Ginger really likes this sign.


She also really likes the Thanksgiving dachshund!


Here’s another fall-themed pillow that Ginger is posing by.


Ah, doesn’t she look so snuggly in this cozy pumpkin blanket?


Finally, Ginger poses with this sweet pumpkin spice candle. It smells lovely!


And a bonus Rocket blooper…he’s more interested in how Ginger smells than the candle, haha!

Have a great Friday everyone! Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your support on Aftershock Week! It really meant a lot to me to see you all so excited about my little old series.

I should see you next week with another post! (maybe I’ll do something for Thanksgiving, but maybe not, okay?)


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