Gingerbread Bake-off (collab with Corrie) || The Twelve Days of Blogmas Day 11

Hello merry friends!

I apologize that this post is a bit later than usual, but it’s still the right day!

Corrie and I have been planning this collab for a while. Originally, I think it was supposed to be about 10 days ago? But then I got sick and I had to put it off…let’s just say Corrie is an incredibly patient person to collaborate with!

Anyway, shall we see what post was worth all this waiting?

A gingerbread bakeoff!

That’s right! Waffle made some gingerbread today and he wants to show you guys!


First, he gathered all the ingredients together. The honey ended up being for a different recipe, so it didn’t get used.


Ta-da! The dough is made! Wasn’t that quick and easy? Haha, I just didn’t want to take a lot of photos during the baking process because I didn’t want to get my camera dirty.


Do you see Waffle’s gingerbread bear? How cute is that?


Alright, now it’s time for Waffle to decorate! He’s turning it into sort of a gingerbread candy themed charcuterie board.


He enjoys the process of decorating cookies.


Alright, here’s his finished gingerbread charcuterie board! We’ve got the gingerbread bear with a peppermint scarf. He’s also holding a tree. There’s a bit of icing on the bottom(snow) with trees and snowmen(SweetTarts), some candy canes, fudge, junior mints, and M&Ms.


Waffle is very proud of his charcuterie board!

Don’t forget to check out Corrie’s part of the collab! This turned out to be so much fun!

I will see you all again on Christmas Eve for our last blogmas post!


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