The Hidden Princess Pilot Preview + Voting For My Next Photo Series

Hello friends!

It’s time for our final preview episode! If you missed it, I’m sharing three different first episodes of photo series so you guys can pick which one you want to read first! At the end of this post, I’ll include a form and you guys can vote on which series you want to win. Keep in mind, each series will likely be shared at some point, this will just be voting on which one will be posted first!

Anyway, enough about that. This particular series will follow a princess uncovering a mystery…fun fact, this was actually my first ever photo series idea! It definitely has evolved a lot since its original form though. I hope you enjoy!


I awoke with a start. Instantly, I could feel another presence lurking in my room.

I wasn’t alone.

Beads of sweat rolled down my cheek. My breath was silent, but fast. I had to get out of there.


Amongst the darkened room, I sensed that the figure had a sword. I squeezed my eyes shut as I prepared myself for my next movements.

In a blink, I leapt out of bed and wrapped my arms around my attacker. Cling! The sword fell to the ground. I allowed myself to relax a little.


“What do you want?” I said, keeping my voice low in case this wasn’t a one-man job.

The attacker said nothing as he struggled to free himself from my grip.

Who was this man?


He had clearly been trained, but so had I. As crown princess of Starfia, I had to be prepared for kidnappers.

Or an assassination attempt.

My traitorous mind wandered to the worst possible scenario. I didn’t know why this intruder was here, but he’d somehow slipped past my guards. I knew his intentions were less than pleasant.


Our struggle was cut short when guards raced into the room. They were followed closely by my mother.

The attacker managed to get out of my arms, but he wasn’t free. The royal guards clenched his arms.


“Arrest this man,” my mother snapped.

The guards obeyed, leaving me alone with my mother.

The Queen of Starfia was regal and commanded respect from all that ever had the honor of being in her presence…including her daughter.


I bent my feet into low curtsy. “Queen Rose,”

“Princess Daisy,” my mother returned the title.

Our relationship was very formal. I only ever addressed my mother by her proper title, and she did the same to me. Other than blood, it was as if we weren’t related.


Though I was still visibly shaken from the attack, my mother made no efforts to console me. It would have been foolish for me to expect her to. I knew better than that.

“The castle is no longer safe.”

Per the usual, my mother wasted no time with pleasantries. She cut right to the point, however blunt that point was.


I dipped my head in reply. “What can I do for you, my queen?”

“I’ve made arrangements for you to take shelter in the countryside. Only one servant will be accompanying you.”

My face betrayed no emotion. Though inwardly I wanted to refuse, court training had taught me to hide my true feelings.


“Mother,” I lightly used the term. I hadn’t tried to use the familial name since I was a young girl. My mother preferred her regal title, but I’d hoped that by using a maternal one I could soften her heart. “With all due respect, I cannot leave. I’m needed here.”

“No,” she firmly replied. “If an assassination attempt occurs, I need my heir to be protected.”

I sighed. She was sending me away, and not even for my safety, but for the safety of “her heir.”


Recognizing how pointless it would be to oppose my mother’s wishes, I resigned myself to go along.

“When do I need to leave?”


Despite my less than ideal relationship with my mother, I didn’t want to leave her. She was the only family I had.


“Which servant will be accompanying me?”

My mother scoffed. “Do you think I concern myself with such trivial things as servant’s names? You should not bother with such things. Servants are beneath us. They should only be spoken to when something is needed of them.”

I dipped my head in agreement. “Yes, Your Majesty.”


“Goodbye Princess Daisy,” my mother replied, no emotion radiating from her voice. She had either mastered the apathetic demeanor required of a reigning monarch, or she genuinely didn’t care for my well-being.

Probably the latter.


I was escorted into a carriage by a royal guard, along with the servant that would be accompanying me.

A single tear dripped down my face as the castle faded from view. I was saying farewell to the only life I’d ever known, possibly forever.



Well, what did you think of The Hidden Princess? Do let me know in the comments.

Anyway, here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for! The voting!

Here’s the form where you can pick which series you want to read first! I could say a few things to try to persuade you to vote for one or the other…but I won’t. All I’ll say is that there’s one of these that I predict you’ll pick, and a different one that I actually want to win. But either way, I’m excited to work on whichever one y’all pick!

Also, I’ll announce the results in a couple weeks, on Friday, February 17th. If everything goes according to plan, I should be seeing you before then with a special post(s)!


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    1. Actually, voting is still open since I haven’t announced the winner yet…if you wanna pick which series you want to see first, go ahead!

      Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Haha xD

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