Self-Care With Cora {Making Goals Edition}

Hello friends!


It’s your favorite positivity influencer, Cora! Today, I’m going to be giving you guys some tips on making goals. A few months ago, one of our followers, Maggie asked if I could do a post like this, and it might have taken me a few months, but I’m doing it now!


Be Realistic

The first tip I have for you is to be realistic. Make a goal that you know you can do, if you really try. But at the same time, don’t make a goal that doesn’t push you. If you normally drink two cups of water a day, a goal to drink one cup isn’t going to do much for you. Similarly, a goal to drink ten cups is going to overwhelm you. Start out small, but still push yourself.


Be Positive

A lot of times when we make goals, we’re negative about the goals. Maybe your goal is to get your homework done on time. Instead of thinking, “I hate doing homework,” or another negative thought like that, instead think about the positives of the goal! Like, “I might not like this homework, but by completing it on time, I have more time to play video games.”


Track your Progress

It’s easy to think that we aren’t progressing. That’s why it’s so important to track and celebrate our progress! Maybe your goal is to read 100 books in a year. That seems like a high number, and when you’re only on book 5, you might feel like you’re never going to finish. But if you celebrate finishing each book, reading each page, then you can feel more positive about your goal. Even finishing one book gets you closer to finishing your goal, so reward yourself when you complete it!


Focus on goals you are excited about

It’s important to be excited about the goals you make. Maybe your goal is to exercise every day, and you’re thinking of going to the gym. But if you hate going to the gym…you’re probably not going to do very well on your goal at first, are you? So instead, try to do something you love. Maybe you love dancing. Join a dance class instead of going to the gym, and practice every day.


Avoid Comparison

My last tip is probably one of the hardest, but it’s very important. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Maybe your goal is to keep a clean bedroom. You look on Pinterest and see a lot of other people with cleaner bedrooms than you. You think, “I’ll never have a bedroom like that,” and promptly give up. Comparison is so difficult because everyone is so different. For one thing, you have no idea what that person on Pinterest’s bedroom looks like now. You’re only seeing this one photo, this one aspect of that person’s life. You can’t compare yourself to that. And also, back to the celebrating progress thing, maybe part of your progress in keeping your room clean is small. Maybe for you, it’s significant to stop clothes from piling up on the floor. Even if there are still parts of your room that are messy, you’ve still made progress and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on making goals! Let me know in the comments about one of your current goals! (one of mine is helping Diamond plan out Camp Happy Heart!)


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