summer party with pinky and friends!

hello! i’m pinky the octopus, and i think my friends are having a summer party! but i can’t be sure until i find them. i’m gonna search everywhere i can think of! maybe they’re down by the pool, or in reggie’s backyard, or at our favorite restaurant… oh! there’s a sign! this should make it much easier to find them 😂 ooh… is this an exciting party box? oh! hi sammy! sammy: wassup pinky! we’re almost ready for the party. our friends are just over there! yay! i found everyone!!! let’s party! 😍🎉 look at this gorgeous photobooth, complete with … Continue reading summer party with pinky and friends!

kindness cards with minty!

hi guys! i’m minty the kitty! today i have a cute craft idea you can make for your buddies:D we’re making: kindness cards! all you have to do are draw cute little designs and messages- or get a coloring page like i found in my book! i’m gonna use markers and some colored pencils for my drawings. are you ready? let’s do the grand reveal! ta-da!! i know my friends will love these 💖 what crafts do you make for your friends? let me know if you make kindness cards like these! maggie @ maggie’s doodles wrote all of the … Continue reading kindness cards with minty!

angie’s art class: meet the students!

hello friends! i’m angie the art teacher! this is my first year teaching, and i have SO much fun with it. art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself! you get to let your creativity shine through, and sharing art with others is a fun way to share happiness. today i’m gathering all my art supplies for my students! they’ll arrive here on the bus shortly. oh here they are! i’d like to introduce you to my students! monty maria is helping me run my art class this year! she’s a preteen and loves to be outside. she enjoys coloring, … Continue reading angie’s art class: meet the students!

piña colada popsicles with chad!

hello everyone! it’s me, chad the beaver! i love cooking and baking, so i thought it’d be fun to make very summery popsicles: piña colada-flavored! here’s the recipe right here if you want to make it yourself! the two modifications i made were using frozen pineapple instead of fresh, and a couple dashes of table salt instead of kosher (thought we didn’t have any… found out once i was done in the kitchen that we did 😂👍) piña colada popsicles with chad! all you need are 5 ingredients: pineapple, lime juice, unsweetened coconut cream, sugar, and a teeny bit of … Continue reading piña colada popsicles with chad!

fun boredom busters with janet!

hallo! it’s me, janet the jellyfish! i thought it would be so fun to share boredom busters with you today! fun boredom busters with janet! i LOVE playing the piano- you can play songs you learn, or songs you make up! if you play an instrument (or want to learn a new one!), it’s a great hobby to have. pop-its are very fun too! especially the big ones, you could do them for hours 😄 visiting your friends is a great way to spend your time! you can have fun chatting and playing games. ahhh. relaxing outside can’t be beat! … Continue reading fun boredom busters with janet!