Magical Memories ep. 3

Hello friends! I am absolutely loving this series so far, so why not continue it while I’m on a roll? Hopefully, I’ll actually finish it within a reasonable time period. (though I don’t intend to post it during camp!) Actually completing this series would be refreshing after teasing it for so long. I’ve been sharing ten stories per episode, so I think there will be maybe 5-6 episodes? (I have a loooot of BABs, but I got a few of them at the same time, hence the fact that their stories are combined) (btw, now’s a good time to mention … Continue reading Magical Memories ep. 3

Movie Reviews with Mischief

Hello friends! It’s me, Mischief! I have a mini-movie review for you all today, but first I’d like to share with you my new favorite song. Listen to it on full volume, please. Anyway, the movie I will be reviewing today is…. A Pig’s Tale! This is a funny movie. You see, it takes place at a summer camp, not unlike Camp Happy Heart where I will be going in a few days. And well, the main character is actually named Mischief, which is really cool for me. Anyway, the plot of the movie is about Mischief sneaking a pig … Continue reading Movie Reviews with Mischief

Dear Table…

Hello friends! It’s me, Mischief again. I’ve been thinking about camp a lot lately, and I came up with this… Dear camp picnic table, Though you were only built last year, I can’t imagine camp without you. From the first day, I graffitied you, I knew we were going to be good friends. Table, you’ve been a part of many a great meal. Many crafts we’ve done together. You’ve been a part of many conversations with my friends. In only a few short days, I’ll see you again. It’s been 10 months. I’ve missed you. I’m counting down the days … Continue reading Dear Table…

The Dolled Up Tag

Hello friends! I’m really excited about today’s post! When I saw RJ create this tag on Adventures of AG Dolls, I thought it was a genius idea! Then, ForestPoodle88 of Hedgehog Hollow did this tag and left an open nomination. So here I am… Rules Directions I wasn’t about to list all the bears, but I listed all the ones that are of a similar size. Cali won! Then, I added all the aesthetics, and… Preppy won! I must admit, I googled this aesthetic to ensure that my perception of it matched up with the aesthetic. And then… Here’s Cali’s … Continue reading The Dolled Up Tag

Mischief’s Announcement 2.0

Hello friends… It’s me, Mischief here. I suppose it’s time for me to come clean. You know how I’ve posted some strange things lately? Like this post here? It was part of a competition. The challenge was to make a post with all the vowels changed. There was also a post where I made the body of the post in a comment. But I’m dropping out. I’m busy getting ready for CHH with my friends, and I don’t have as much time as I thought I would. Also, the competition wasn’t as fun as I’d thought it’d be. So I … Continue reading Mischief’s Announcement 2.0

Jedi & Justice ~ A Star Wars Finale

Hello friends! This post is…a bit late. Mostly because it was supposed to be up last year… I promise I won’t make you wait 3 years for this one! I intend to continue this story next year… Diamond, 2021 I had promised to give you all the conclusion to our Star Wars saga this Star Wars day, and erm…that didn’t happen. I *promise* I’ll make it happen next year! Diamond, 2022 Whelp, even though I wanted to get this up on May 4th, it just wasn’t happening this year. But I didn’t let that stop me. I kept working on … Continue reading Jedi & Justice ~ A Star Wars Finale

An Unnatural Encounter…

Hello friends… *taps glass* is this thing on? I hope you’re getting this. I don’t know if I have much more time. I know I make a lot of pranks, but I promise this isn’t that. There’s something in my backyard… I don’t know how to describe it, so let me just show you… THIS! What is that? It looks like of like a skeleton of some sorts, but then it also might be some sort of alien. I’m kinda terrified. Anyway, I’ll update you later once I figure out what this thing is. Toodles, Continue reading An Unnatural Encounter…

thara os na axplenetoin, anly meschaof

Hallu fraonds! ‘tos e, Meschaof. Deomand daisn’t knaw E’m mekeng thes past, bot E om. E’m sori yao’ru oll ixcetad ebiat CHH? Woll, E wall bo sherong samo snuuk pooks tadoy. E huva ta gat snouky huru, bat E huvi snack entu Deomand’s sacrat nutabuuk. Y’knaw, shi shuold gat battar ut hudung hir pluns frum mi. E’m jast tuu guud, E gooss. Tha Socrits Bodga ecteveteas? Ontarictevu ovints? Hmm, seonds antarasteng. Iuh, u celerung pogi foiterang es boors? Cuul. Dromo waak foiterang o Freg Prencuss pley… U trap tu Dillyweed? Harsibuck redeng Thrii Skappang Stenos aposidis Enathar bond porfarmenco, ef … Continue reading thara os na axplenetoin, anly meschaof

Treasure’s Autobiography ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Treasure

Hello friends! This post is honestly a long time coming… Now, the last BABAD post that I posted was in…July 2022. And as my calendar tells me, July 2023 isn’t that far off. So since it’s been nearly a year, let me refresh your memory on what BABAD is. Basically, BABAD is meant to highlight one bear. There will be an episode for each of my Build-a-Bears, and I’ve done…about 40 of these so far. Eventually, I’ll get to everyone, but until then…each episode will focus on one bear. Today, that bear is Treasure! As I’m sure she’ll tell you, … Continue reading Treasure’s Autobiography ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Treasure