Aftershock Book and Movie Recommendations

Hello friends! I was planning to post the first episode of Aftershock today, but some things came up and I know it won’t be ready yet. Anyway, it only just hit me that like…this is the last season of Aftershock. It’s kind of bittersweet…I’m definitely ready to move on to other things, but still, this was my first photostory series. Anyway, I want to do some Aftershock-themed posts, so for today, you guys get a list of books and movies that you might like if you enjoyed Aftershock. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This mayyyyyyyyyyyy have inspired Aftershock. Just a smidge. But … Continue reading Aftershock Book and Movie Recommendations

Join the Dark Side ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Cloud

Hello friends! It’s been so long since our last BABAD! What better way to kick off 2022 than to restart one of my favorite series? Today’s BABAD will feature Cloud. It’s crazy that we’ve made so many BABAD’s and not done one for Cloud…I mean, he’s the blog’s mascot! Anyway, let’s see what he wanted to do for his BABAD. *hehe* Um…Cloud? Oh! I didn’t see you all there. Let me get presentable. There we go, that’s better. Oh, you guys want to know why I was laughing? Well, I was just thinking about how these photos are going to … Continue reading Join the Dark Side ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Cloud

Farewell 2021

Hello friends! It’s New Year’s Eve! Can you believe 2021 will be over in about 9 hours? I CAN’T WAIT! I couldn’t think of a post to do today, but you know that song people always sing at New Year’s? I decided to make a lyric photoshoot of that. I looked up the lyrics, and the song is called Auld Lang Syne…I feel dumb for not knowing this. Anyway, it’s about two friends who meet up for a drink…of um, hot cocoa of course! I decided to let Sandy and Gracie model for this photo shoot. They’re best friends who … Continue reading Farewell 2021

Blogging Plans for 2022

Hello friends! Today we’re resting from all the big posts I did for Christmas. We’re going to look at some plans that I have for 2022! 2022 is very close…a little too close for my liking. Thankfully though, I’ve started making blogging plans. Let’s talk about them! January You guys are gonna be excited…Aftershock season three! I need to actually write this, so I won’t make any promises as for the premiere date. Let’s just say the season opener will be…explosive. I’d also like to focus on a blog organization. Make sure to let me know if there’s a way … Continue reading Blogging Plans for 2022

Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

Hello friends! Welcome back to the 31 Days of Christmas! Today we’re winding down…Waffle will be showing you some cookies that he made this Holiday season. Hi guys! Welcome to Waffle’s kitchen! I’m going to be showing you all some cookies that I baked this holiday season! First up is a classic…chocolate chips! Then, I melted some chocolate and dipped the cookies in the chocolate. Yummy! Then I tried meringues…I’ve never made them before and I think I did something wrong, but they still taste good! This was very easy…just a chocolate-covered pretzel. I made this fudge, which may be … Continue reading Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

Christmas Haul 2021

Hello friends!It’s time for a Christmas haul! I know these posts can be controversial, but I like doing them, so I’ll do one! If you don’t like reading them, no worries! I’ll see you tomorrow for more of our normal posts. It’s kind of a mandatory disclaimer for me that this isn’t meant to brag. I’m simply showing those who are interested what I got, and it’s also fun to look back on the things I got. Plus…this may serve as an introduction of sorts… First up, this candle came from a dear friend of mine. (She recently started a … Continue reading Christmas Haul 2021

Christmas Caroling with Cam

Hello friends! I realize I’ve never really done much for the BAB’s birthdays on here. It’s just overwhelming. Anyway, Cam and Stella’s “birthday” is on Christmas, but let’s just say that Cam’s birthday is today, just for fun. Wanna see how he celebrates his birthday? “Are you ready to go?” Stella asks. Cam nods. It’s his birthday, but he doesn’t want a big celebration this year. Instead, he wants to spread Christmas cheer with his friends. Cam and Stella are going Christmas caroling! The first family is their next-door neighbors…the Stones! Hark! the herald angels singGlory to the newborn KingPeace … Continue reading Christmas Caroling with Cam

Naughty and Nice Wrap-Up + Interview

Hello friends! You all liked Naughty and Nice right? Wanna see an exclusive post about it? You can expect to see in today’s post…behind the scenes photos, a wrap-up, and an interview! Are you excited? I’m excited. THE WRAP UP He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One A Mantle of White ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Two We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three Checking It Twice ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Four I’ll Have a Blue Christmas ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Five Santa Tell Me ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Six Candy … Continue reading Naughty and Nice Wrap-Up + Interview

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas friends! It’s Christmas day! Can you believe it? I can’t. Probably because it’s not actually Christmas for me…so normally Christmas day is the end of blogmas for me. I take photos of all my gifts and share them in a haul. But I still have another week of blogmas left! I’ll be doing a haul sometime within the next week. I chose to do this for two reasons. For one, I don’t want to *have* to blog on Christmas. I’ve blogged on Christmas for the past 3 years…I can take today off! And secondly, I want to keep … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2021

I’ll Be Dreaming of a White Christmas ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Ten {FINALE}

Hello friends! Happy Christmas Eve! It’s such a special day today. My family used to always open presents on Christmas Eve…so today I have a special present for all of you! The finale of Naughty and Nice! I’ve really loved putting this story together for you all…I hope you like this ending as much as I do. (Missed an episode? Never fear…the recap is here!) He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One A Mantle of White ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Two We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three Checking It Twice ~ Naughty … Continue reading I’ll Be Dreaming of a White Christmas ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Ten {FINALE}