Build a Bear Takeover Week

We have actually discontinued BABTW in order to focus on different things. However, this page is a guide to all of the BABTW posts!

For our 1st blogiversary, I introduced BAB takeover week! It is inspired by Rebekah’s amazing idea. She no longer blogs anymore, but it was a wonderful idea of hers!

The first week of every month the Build a Bears can take over the blog. They post and reply to comments, so basically everything for one week. Most of the time it will start on the first of every month, but on special occassions, it might get pushed back a day or two. 

On Mondays, we have Marvelous Mondays with Eden. Eden will post about whatever she likes. If Eden wants to post a DIY, Eden will post a DIY. If Eden wants to post about one of her experiences, then she will. She can post anything she wants, so be prepared if it’s completely random.

Current Marvelous Mondays:

 All About Eden – March 2018

DIY Journal – April 2018

A Day in Eden’s Life – June 2018

How to Customize a Notebook – July 2018

5 DIY Valentines – February 2020

Eden’s Bullet Journal Spreads – March 2020

8 Productivity Tips – September 2020

Fall Decor + DIY – October 2020

The Stuffed Animal Tag – February 2021

Magazine Craft Ideas – March 2021

May Mondays is obviously only in May. I’m pretty sure the only episode was basically Treasure explaining why she’s awesome, but if there are ever any more, it will probably be about spring or some other event that happens in May.

Current May Mondays include:

Why May is the Best Month of the Year – May 2018

Mystery Monday is fun. Cherry will tell the story of a mystery or give you a riddle to figure out. It’s a really great feature if you like mysteries!

Current Mystery Mondays include:

Cherry’s Riddle – October 2018

Mommy Mondays is one of my favorites. Mommy Stone will share her motherly wisdom with all the readers. 

Current Mommy Mondays include:

 Peri’s Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving – November 2018

Mommy’s Day in the Life – February 2019

Brunch with Clarice – January 2020

Brunch with Starburst – November 2020

Q&A with Mommy – January 2021

This one is seasonal, we’ve only done it in December.

Current Mistletoe Monday:

Wicket Goes Christmas Shopping – December 2018

Cloud’s Home Alone? – December 2019

Marvel Mondays are pretty fun. Usually Cloud will talk about something Marvel.

Current Marvel Mondays include:

Cloud Ranks Marvel Movies – January 2019

Review of Endgame – May 2019

So far, Mischievous Mondays has only been on April Fools day! Mischief shared a couple of his favorite pranks.

Current Mischievous Mondays include:

2 April Fools Prank Ideas – April 2019

Mischief’s Photoshoot – October 2019

Mischief’s Favorite Pranks – April 2020

Melodious Mondays have to do with music(obviously) It’s pretty fun.

10 New Songs – November 2019

10 Songs You Need to Listen To – August 2020

May the Force Be With You Monday is for Star Wars day! I don’t know how often it will be around, but I’m really proud of the featured image.

10 Intergalactic Star Wars Posts – May 2020

On Tuesdays, we have Treasuriffic Tuesdays. The best day of the takeover according to Treasure, it will be about her bragging. Treasure will brag about everything she does. She’s awesome, so people will obviously love hearing her talk all about herself. But, being as special as she is, she gets her own day to post.

Current Treasuriffic Tuesdays:

Reasons Why Treasure is Awesome – March 2018

Interview with Twilight – April 2018

Treasure Takeover? – June 2018

A Day in Summer’s Life + Treasure Collab – July 2018

What to Dress Up As for Halloween – October 2018

Treasure Gives a Life Update – April 2019

Treasure’s Guide to Trick-or-Treating – October 2019

Treasure’s 2020 Bucket List – January 2020

Who Know’s Treasure Better – March 2020

Treasure’s Lost Journal Entries – May 2020

The Best of Camp Happy Heart – August 2020

Treasure’s School Horror Stories – September 2020

Treasure’s 2020 Bucket List Revisited + 2021 Bucket List – January 2021

Treasure’s Room Tour – February 2021

Certain Tuesdays we will have Twin Tuesdays. Twin Tuesdays are obviously about Cherry and Cherie(and sometimes Rudy and Claire) and whatever twinly antics they come up with.

Current Twin Tuesdays include:

Twinterview with Cherie and Cherry – May 2018

Can We Pull Off a Twin Swap? – February 2019

Twinterview with Rudy and Claire – February 2020

Twin Telepathy? – October 2020

Twin Telepathy II – November 2020

Turkey Tuesday was intended as a holiday special for the month of November.

Current Turkey Tuesdays include:

DIY Thankful Turkey – November 2018

Stone Thanksgiving Traditions – November 2019

Tree Tuesday is a special for December.

Current Tree Tuesdays include:

Mischief’s Mini Tree Photoshoot – December 2018

Cherry and Cherie’s 10 Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments – December 2019

Trying New Things Tuesday is a very fun segment where we try something new.

Current Trying New Things Tuesdays:

Bullet Journal? – January 2019

Teaser Tuesdays were made to give clues about our secret sumer project.

Current Teaser Tuesdays include:

Hints for Our Secret Summer Project – March 2019

5 Hints for the Secret Summer Project – May 2019

A Few Hints on Camp Happy Heart – April 2020

Looking Ahead… – March 2021

On Wednesdays, you get to hear from Wicket on Wicket Wednesday. You might hear about Star Wars one month, and then you might hear about how Wicket got to go to Disney World the next. Wicket does whatever he likes, so his topic is completely up to him.

Current Wicket Wednesdays include:

Wicket’s the Man – March 2018

Happy Birthday Amethyst – April 2018

Wicket’s Rant on Health – June 2018

Wicket’s Announcement – October 2018

Wicket’s Rant on Trips – February 2019

Wicket’s Accident – May 2019

Interview with Sparkles – October 2019

Wicket’s Thanksgiving Traditions – November 2019

Questionnaire with Willow – February 2020

Important Announcement – April 2020

Wicket’s Adventures in Quarantine – May 2020

When Wicket is unavailable, Sandy and Gracie take over for him with Wonderful Wednesday. Wonderful Wednesday can be anything these two want, but they prefer to make tutorials of some sort.

Current Wonderful Wednesdays include:

15 Things to Do when You’re Bored – May 2018

Sandy’s Back-to-School Day In The Life – September 2020

DIY Ghost Costume – October 2020

Driving Photoshoot + Award – November 2020

The Year of New Friends – February 2021

Forgotten BABTW Names – March 2021

This is a way to incorporate July 4th into Takeover week. We’ve only done it once so far,

Patriotic Party with Patrioticy – July 2018

Wild Wednesday was a way to make a post when Wicket was sick. It usually will have something to do with animals if there is ever another.

Current Wild Wednesday:

Mischief’s Trip to the Zoo – November 2018

Wrapping Wednesday is a holiday themed post, having something to do with wrapping paper.

Current Wrapping Wednesday:

Candy’s Present Photoshoot – December 2018

3 Creative Alternatives to Wrapping Paper – December 2019

Wrap-Up Wednesday consists of different recaps.

2018 Recap – January 2019

2019 Recap – January 2020

2020 Recap – January 2021

This hasn’t been anything too great yet, but there might be some good advice in future posts.

Collection of Writing Advice – April 2019

As the tagline says, this is a celebration of Twilight.

What-We-Did-For-Twilight’s-Birthday Wednesday – August 2020

On Thursdays, Twilight gets to share all about her in Thursday’s Twilight. Twilight will share anything about her life. She’s a bit full of herself like Treasure, but surprisingly those two are BFFs. Twilight will probably share all parts of her life, interesting or not.

The History of Twilight – March 2018

Interview with Treasure – April 2018

Twilight’s Wishlist – June 2018

Twilight’s Goals of 2020 – January 2020

Day in the Life of Twilight – March 2020

Twilight’s Goals of 2021 – January 2021

Other Thursdays, we have Travel Thursday. Since we travel a lot, we have lots of travel tips to share or trips we’ve been on!

Top 10 Places to go in the US – May 2018

Travel Pinterest Board – July 2018

Dream Vacations of 2019 – January 2019

Cloud’s Trip to Universal – February 2019

5 Ways Not to Procrastinate Packing – March 2019

Alabama Trip Photoshoot – April 2019

Teacup’s Travel Essentials – May 2019

10 Things to do in the Car – October 2019

How to Make a Packing List – February 2020

10 (More) Things to Do in the Car – August 2020

10 Pandemic Travel Tips – October 2020

Also on Thursdays, we have Teacup Thursdays. Teacup will share some of her graphic design skills. (She pretty much designs everything you see here on this blog!)

Free Halloween Graphics – October 2018

Free Spring Graphics – April 2020

10 Free Phone Wallpapers – May 2020

Free BAB School Worksheets – September 2020

10 Fall (+more!) Themed Aesthetics – November 2020

Graphic Design Evolution – February 2021

Thankful Thursday was a very sweet way to remind us all that we have a lot to be grateful for.

30 Things We’re Grateful For – November 2018

30 Things We’re Thankful For – November 2019

Top 10 Christmas Movies – December 2019

Then, we have Friendship Friday on Friday. Summer and Dreamy will host this and they are going to take you on an imagination adventure. They’re going to tell you about their adventures through their imaginations. Between the two, they can come up with all kinds of adventures.

Imagination Adventures with Summer and Dreamy – March 2018

How to Stay Friends After a Fight – April 2018

DIY Friendship Necklaces – November 2018

How to Stay Friends when You’re Both Busy – February 2019

BFF Halloween Costume Ideas – October 2019

How to Include Other Friends – November 2019

How to Make New Friends – January 2020

How to Make Friends Online – February 2020

How to Maintain Friendship During Social Distancing – April 2020

Summer and Dreamy’s Friendship Q&A – May 2020

How to Know When You Are No Longer Friends – August 2020

How To Be Friendly To Everyone – September 2020

Shoutout to Some Blogs Under 100 Followers! – January 2021

Force Friday is pretty much explained in the graphic.

How To Celebrate Star Wars Day – May 2018

Like one of our other features, Photography with Pumpkin, Foto Friday is where Pumpkin shares her photos or tips. 

Pumpkin’s Photo Tips – June 2018

Fashion Friday is pretty self-explanatory.

Ultimate Clothes Tutorial – July 2018

Halloween Costume Ideas – October 2018

A Huge Collection of Halloween Costume Crafts – October 2020

Recent Clothes Haul – November 2020

Valentine’s Day Lookbook – February 2021

Fabulous Friday is literally anything. So far it’s been about goals and blogging tips.

Goals for 2019 – January 2019

5 Major Things that can Make or Break Your Blog – April 2019

I like Flashback Fridays. They give new readers a chance to read some of our older posts.

10 Old Posts – March 2019

10 (more) Old Posts – May 2019

10 (more) Old Posts – March 2020

The Best of BABTW – March 2021

5 Things to Give for Christmas and 5 Things Not to Give – December 2019

Then, on Saturdays, we have Saturdays with the Stones. The Stones will tell you about their lives, and I love their family. I’ve written many posts about them, but in case you don’t know, Peri and Lil Choc have seven little kids, Chip, Sandy, Cherie, Cherry, Candy, Cloud, and Cali. They do fun things together, often getting into mischief. I have written countless stories about the Stones.

Meet the Stones – March 2018

Q&A With the Stones – April 2018

All Our Clothes – June 2018

Ultimate Clothes Tutorial – July 2018

Our School Supplies – October 2018

Cali’s Camping Photoshoot – November 2018

The Stone’s New Years Resolutions – January 2019

Cloud goes for a Ride – April 2019

Why my Mentor Rocks – May 2019

Triple Spooky Stories Video – October 2019

Our Morning and Nightly Routine – November 2019

Our Plans for 2020 – January 2020

Stuffie Home Lookbook – August 2020

Moving In Photostory – October 2020

Blogging Plans For 2021 – January 2021

Which Stone Are You | QUIZ – March 2021

Another segment on Saturday is Swirl Saturday. Swirl is very energetic and she can easily fill up a post just about her rambles.

Swirl’s Autograph Book – May 2018

Snowy Saturday is a wintery themed post, which I sadly can’t do much with.(It doesn’t really snow where I live)

4 Ways to Spend a Snow Day – December 2018

Virtual Christmas Card Swap – December 2019

Small-fry Saturday is a very fun post! I can’t explain it as well as Swirl did in the first episode, but basically it showcases the small-frys in some way.

Meet the Small-Fry’s – February 2019

PhotoFunia Challenge Take 2 – February 2020

School Photos 2020 – September 2020

Fall Party – November 2020

Hearts and Hugs Photoshooot – February 2021

This is for when the BABs go shopping!

Mischief’s Shopping Adventure – March 2019

Adventures in IKEA – April 2020

This is our version of a Caption It.

April 2019

Caption This! – May 2020

This is where Treasure reacts to some spam comments.

Treasure Reacts to Spam Comments – March 2020

In the Summer, we sometimes have Summer Sundays. Summer hosts this and she usually talks about a summer activity.

Activities to Do in the Summer – June 2018

A Day in Summer’s Life – July 2018

Star Wars Sunday is where either a Star Wars bear(such as Wicket) makes a post, or where Cloud talks about one of his favorite things(obviusly Star Wars)

Wicket Discusses His Time on Set – January 2019

Mostly posted on Sundays, we have Baking with Berry. Berry loves to cook, so she will share some of her favorite recipes. She loves all things berries, but she especially loves blueberries. She will mostly bake sweet treats, however meals might pop up every once in a while.

Berry Introduces Herself – March 2018

Berry Rates Food Photography – April 2018

Thanksgiving Pinterest Board – November 2018

Uhh, – December 2018

How to Make Banana Bread – February 2019

What to Give out for Halloween – October 2019

3 Quick and Easy Cookie Mix Ideas – December 2019

Quarantine Baking Adventures – August 2020

Kitchen Tour – October 2020

5 Ways to Meal Plan – November 2020

Like Foto Friday, we also have Photography with Pumpkin. It can be on any day, but mostly, it’s on Sunday.

Pumpkin’s Photos – May 2018

School Photos – October 2018

Experimenting with a New Camera – March 2019

Puppy Photography – May 2019

Photoshoot with Petal – November 2019

Old Photos – February 2020

Photography Evolution – March 2020

Pumpkin Rates Diamond’s Book Photography – May 2020

Caption My Photo! – September 2020

Stuffiegram Photos – February 2021

Here’s where we post our yearly survey.

Take our Survey! – January 2020

I don’t quite know where this segment will go! We’ve only done one currently.

Bear Hunt! – April 2020

Spa Sunday is just where Eden tells everyone about how I fixed up the bears. It’s nothing too special, but it is kinda fun.

Fixing up the Bears – January 2021

That’s BAB Takeover Week! We hope you enjoyed.

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