Camp Happy Heart

February of 2019, I came up with the idea of “Camp Happy Heart.” That summer, I went right to work on making a summer camp for the Stones filled with crafts and fun. In 2020 and 2021, I continued this summer long project, and you’d better believe I’m going to keep doing this until either inspiration runs out or I’m unable to do so.

Initially, I was inspired by Doll Diaries, an American Girl blog that no longer posts. Since my inital idea, Camp Happy Heart has turned into something amazing. Here was what I first had to say about it:

Even though it’s a Build a Bear camp, it doesn’t have to be! You can use any stuffed animal, doll, toy, or even you and your friends! You can have 1 camper or 100. Camp Happy Heart can be adapted for everyone. You can participate for one week or all thirteen. It is my hope that Camp Happy Heart provides a fun way for my readers to spend their summer.

So, that’s Camp Happy Heart basically. Here are the links to all of the posts! Check them out!


Week 1 – Welcome to Camp

Registration Forms

Cali’s First Day

Orientation Day

DIY Journal

DIY Nametags

DIY Stationary

Playing Cards

Toy DIYs

Camp Challenge

Week 2 – The Great Outdoors

Sleeping Bag Hack

Let’s go on a Hike

DIY Bandana

Pet Rock

Nature Hike

DIY Flower Crown

Week 3 – Surf’s Up

DIY Surfboard

DIY Seashell Crafts

DIY Lei + Photoshoot

DIY Swimsuit

Pool Party

Week 4 – Happily Ever After

The Three Bears

Rapunzel Photoshoot

Movie Night

Dress Up & DIYS

Week 5 – All About America

Flag Ceremony

Flag Photoshoot

Patriotic Party

Autographed Sign

Week 6 – Battle of the Bear Bands

Our Summer Playlist

A Peek at Our Instruments

DIY Guitar

Band Performance

Week 7 – Styles of Summer

DIY Bandana Clothes

DIY Sock clothes

DIY Camp tees

DIY Sun visor

Fashion Show

Week 8 – Blast from the Past

70’s Photoshoot

DIY Poodle Skirt

50’s Photoshoot

1700’s Photoshoot

Week 9 – Out of this World

A Wizardly Wonderful Photoshoot

DIY Lightsaber

Captain Marvel and Rey Photoshoot

Printable Superhero Masks

Guardians of the Galaxy Photoshoot

Week 10 – The Food Festival

Picnic Photoshoot

DIY Watermelon

Lemonade Stand

DIY S’mores

Sick Day

Week 11 – Adventure is Out There

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

DIY Compass

How to Orient a Map

Guest Post by Libby – Camp Predicament

Week 12 – Astonishing Athletics

Summer’s Birthday

Sports Tournament

Playing Soccer

Our Favorite Sports

Awards and Trophies

Week 13 – Reflections of Camp

Talent Show

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Cabin Party


Reader Photos


Week 1 – Welcome to Camp

Craft Round-Up

A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie)

DIY Pillow

Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp

Tour of Camp

Week 2 – Once Upon a Time

DIY Red Cape

Meet Kaelyn and Daisy (Guest Post by Kaelyn)

Part of Your World Photoshoot

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp

Princess and the Pea Retelling

Week 3 – Astonishing Athletics

Gymnastics Photoshoot

DIY Volleyball

Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp

Award Ceremony

Week 4 – Furry Friends

Trip to the Animal Shelter ~ Life at Camp

Puppy Love Photoshoot

DIY Pet Supplies

Dog Show

Training Peaches (Guest Post by Kaelyn)

Week 5 – Colorful Creations

DIY Artist Smock

Cherry’s a Bad Artist? ~ Life at Camp

Tye’s Artistic Photoshoot

Art Show

Colorful Creations Camp (Guest Post by Julia)

Week 6 – A Book Can Take You Anywhere

Getting Cozy with a Book Photoshoot

DIY Books + Free Printables

Rainy Day Blues ~ Life at Camp

The Heart of a Story (Guest Post by Kaelyn)

Book Club

Week 7 – Battle of the Bear Bands

DIY Keyboard

6 Posts to Get You in a Battle of a Bear Bands Mood

Dance Party

Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp

Band Photoshoot

Week 8 – Oh The Places We’ll Go

Life is a Highway Photoshoot

DIY Passports

A Collection of Vacation Photos

Storms at Camp ~ Life at Camp

Week 9 – Reflections of Camp

Last Day Of Camp pt. 1

Last Day of Camp pt. 2

Camp Parade

Reader Photos



Week 1 – Welcome to Camp

Check-In Chaos ~ Life at Camp

Welcome Ceremony

A Photoshoot by the Campfire

2021 Registration Forms + Graphics

An Overview of the Camp Contests

Week 2 – The Food Festival

Sweet Treats ~ A Baking Photoshoot with Waffle

It’s Pizza Time! ~ DIY Pizza

The Great Stuffie Bakeoff

An Ice Cream Stand Photoshoot

A Warm Afternoon’s Picnic

Week 3 – Fictional Fun

Movies Under The Stars

Chip Ahoy! ~ A Pirate Photoshoot

Winner of the Summer Story Competition!

Telling Stories ~ A Guest Post from Rayna

The(o) Hunger Games ~ Life at Camp

Week 4 – Bear Bands

Summer Feelings ~ A Photoshoot

DIY Drums


A Brief History of Musical Instruments ~ An Informative Post From Mischief

Band Photoshoot (the third)

Week 5 – Party Like it’s 2021

Caption It! Contest

Prepping For a Surprise ~ Life at Camp

Tye’s Super Special Secret Surprise Party

DIY Patriotic Decorations

Independence Day Party

Week 6 – Bear-lympics

Bear-Lympics Event 1: Basketball

Bear-Lympics Event 2: Track

Bear-Lympics Event 3: Wrestling

Bear-Lympics Event 4: Fencing

Bear-Lympics Event 5: Tennis (+Award Ceremony)

Week 7 – H20 Happiness


The Sunshine and Rainbows Blog Tag

A Day At Camp ~ Life at Camp

A Splashing Good Time ~ Guest Post by Maggie

Petal’s Pool Photos {the post where Diamond drops a stuffie in the water}

Week 8 – The Great Outdoors

Overcoming Fears ~ Life at Camp

Nature Hike ~ Guest Post by Liz

DIY Binoculars For Your Stuffed Animal | Guest Post by Miriam

We’ll Be The Stars ~ Lyric Photoshoot

Outdoorsy Photos ~ Guest Photoshoot by Kaley

Week 9 – Reflections of Camp

Camp Happy Heart Talent Show

DIY Digital Scrapbook

Camp Happy Heart Color War ~ Life at Camp

Camp Happy Heart 2021 Reader Photos + Contest


Week 1 – Welcome to Camp

Checking In || Kicking off Camp Happy Heart 2022

DIY Weekly Schedule Board

CHH Bingo

Summertime Self-Care with Cora

DIY Picnic Table

Week 2 – Maggie’s Week

fun boredom busters with janet!

piña colada popsicles with chad!

angie’s art class: meet the students!

kindness cards with minty!

summer party with pinky and friends!

Week 3 – Fashion Week

Make Clothes With Me

Gracie’s Fashion Tips ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Gracie

CHH Fashion Show

DIY Superhero Capes

Skipping Stones Episode 6 “Dances and Disorder”

Week 4 – Weather Week

In Summer Photoshoot ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Olaf

Oh No, The Power’s Out!

Mischief’s DIY Forecast

Card Games for a Rainy Day

Mist-erious Weather Safety Lesson || Guest Post by Kaley

Week 5 – Party Week

Patriotic Photoshoot

DIY Summer Signs

Pool Party

CHH Postcards

Parties of the Past

Week 6 – Adventure Week

Five Fire Safety Tips

Books That Can Take You On An Adventure

The Sibling Tag {feat. Chip and Cloud}

Sweetie’s Favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins {guest post by Kaley}

The Summer Tag

Week 7 – Fun Week

Doodling with Azura || Collab

CHH Photo Contest

Sneak Peeks

DIY Dream Catchers

Roughin’ It ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Chip

Week 8 – Reflections of Camp

BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

Chatting About Blogging & Life + Announcements {REBLOG}

Photo Contest Winners

Skipping Stones Episode 7 “Badges and Brawls”

That’s all Camp Happy Heart has to offer for now! I hope Camp will return in 2023, but if not, there are plenty of great posts to reread!