Camp Happy Heart – Summer 2019

Hello friends! I’m happy to introduce to you my secret summer project – Camp Happy Heart! I was inspired by Doll Diaries a very awesome doll blog. They had Camp Doll Diaries which was a hit three years in a row. I was a happy participant two of those years. Sadly, Doll Diaries is no longer an active blog(you can still check out the archives though!), so Camp Doll Diaries is a thing of the past.

A few months ago I was thinking of ideas for posts and how I could make my blog more interesting. I also wanted an idea that wasn’t very common(like photoshoots, or photostories). I know summer camps have been done before, but I think you guys will like this one.

This is the theme graphic for camp. Feel free to share it on your blog if you are participating!

So, what exactly is Camp Happy Heart? Well, Camp Happy Heart was the name of a camp one of my favorite virtual games held each summer. Bearville(put out by Build a Bear, but sadly no longer exists), had a camp, and even though I never really participated, I felt the name was fitting for a Build a Bear camp.

Even though it’s a Build a Bear camp, it doesn’t have to be! You can use any stuffed animal, doll, toy, or even you and your friends! You can have 1 camper or 100. Camp Happy Heart can be adapted for everyone. You can participate for one week or all thirteen. It is my hope that Camp Happy Heart provides a fun way for my readers to spend their summer.

Before I get into more of the details, I’d like to say this. Camp Happy Heart is not just posts on my blog. It is for anyone and everyone to enjoy. At the end of camp, I will have a compilation of reader photos sent in by YOU. You can email me photos of your dolls or stuffed animals enjoying camp, crafts you made, or anything that has to do with camp and I will post them at the end of camp. (Please do not send any pictures you wouldn’t feel comfortable for the whole world to see, since I will be sharing them on this blog, also, I will not share pictures with your face in them!) You can send your pictures to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com (put Camp Happy Heart in the subject line please!)

Anyway, so Camp Happy Heart will have a different theme each week. My goal is to post every day from June 1st – August 31st, but since we know life gets busy, that may or may not happen. I would like to do a majority of the posts I have planned, but I’m not going to stress about it. Camp Happy Heart should be fun for everyone.

Camp Happy Heart will mainly have crafts, but it will also have certain posts of the bears enjoying their time at camp. I’m really excited for it!

So, are you excited yet? If not, then I’ll go over the themes for each week. (I”ll add in links to posts under that week after camp is over)

Welcome to Camp

The Great Outdoors

Surf’s Up

Happily Ever After

All About America

Battle of the Bear Bands

Blast from the Past

Styles of Summer

Out of this World

The Food Festival

Adventure is out there

Ashtonishing Athletics

Reflections of Camp

So, those are the themes of camp. What do you think? Please feel free share your camp experiences on your blog(if you have one), and email them to me to be featured at the end of camp. I hope we all have a great time, and if all goes well, we might do this again next year!

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