Meet the American Girl Dolls

Hey friends! In case you are new to the blog, or just want to get to know the AGs a little better, this is the page for you! My main focus is still Build a Bears, and will most likely always be, but I do miss posting about my AG girls. So, every now and then you might see an AG post pop up.

My mom and I have collected many dolls over the years(I used to have an AG blog World of AG Dolls,) but so many dolls got to be a pain, and we ended up storing most of them and selling(or trying to sell) a few. You might see some of these girls come and go, but for the time being, there are five dolls that will appear on the blog. Ready to meet them?

This is Isabelle Palmer, Girl of the Year 2014. I got her in February of that same year as a birthday present from my aunt. Out of the dolls on this page, she’s the one I’ve had for the longest. She is 11 years old, and she is originally from Washington, DC. She’s a lot like her book character(she is a ballet dancer and a fashion designer) Izzy(as her friends call her) is very funny and silly. She’s known to make everyone laugh. She might be a bit immature at times, but she knows when to act her age. Though she acts clumsy at times, she usually moves with grace, just like in her ballet class. Izzy used to love blogging, so she can’t wait to get to know you guys!

Ivy Ling is a doll I don’t see that often around the blogosphere. It’s a shame she retired so early, because she’s such a lovely doll. I bought her in 2014, just before she retired. I got her right after Isabelle. She is 12, and though she may not talk much, she will always listen to you. Ivy is one of the best friends you could hope for. And though she seems shy and reserved, she has been known to act crazily around her very best friends. She loves to read, swim, and she even dabbles in gymnastics. Also, she’s very crafty. The things she make always look lovely. However, she is a bit of a perfecctionist, and can get upset if things don’t go the way she planned.

Next is Amber Jade Matthews. She is Truly Me #61, and I got her around my birthday in 2015. She loves to bake, and is the family chef. She’s thirteen years old, so she acts a little bossy sometimes, especially to those younger than her. Another one of her passions is traveling – her dream is to save up enough money to go to Paris! In the meantime, she can be found taking small trips and making packing videos on Youtube. She loves fashion as well, and is never seen going out in her pajamas(even though their more fashionable than some of her sisters’ clothes)

Grace Thomas – Girl of the Year 2015. I got Grace on the same day I got Amber. She’s basically my mini me in looks and we have similar personalities. Grace is a complete drama queen who can fuss over the smallest detail. She loves to write, and she has been known to act in plays. When she’s not writing or acting, she occassionally plays soccer. Grace’s sisters sometimes call her the grammar police, because she tends to correct their grammar often.

Last but not least, we have Lanie Holland. Don’t tell the other dolls, but she may just be my favorite. I always wanted Lanie, but she retired in 2011, so it seemed impossible to get her. However, in December of 2016, we just so happened to find an amazing deal on a brand new Lanie doll. Here we are.

Lanie’s personality is very similar to her book character. She is a science nerd(though, she isn’t too great at most other subjects) and she loves nature. Biology is her favorite of the sciences, because she is an animal lover. If Amber let her, she’d keep every stray dog and cat in the neighborhood! Though not a vegetarian, she does eat a lot of vegetables from her garden. Her curious and inquisitive personality got her into a life of science – she was always asking questions about the world around her. She’s very outgoing and cheerful. She loves to hike, and camp, and basically do anything outside. By doodling whatever she saw around her, she became a good artist. She can be a bit clumsy at times, and if she’s caught up in a science experiment, she’s compeletely oblivious to everything else.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about the dolls!

Which one are you most like?

4 thoughts on “Meet the American Girl Dolls

  1. Which one am I most like? Hmmm, I love acting, writing and soccer, and I’m a drama queen so I’m a lot like Grace. I love the environment and nature like Lanie, and I love fashion like Amber but I’m most like Grace.

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