Meet the Disney Animals

So, some of these animals aren’t Build a Bears, and they probably won’t be appearing too much, but they still deserve an introductory page.

This is Stitch! He’s super cute and I got him on May 10th, 2016.

To go with Stitch, I got Angel on September 21, 2016.

This is Isabel, an extra Ewok. We got her on April 14th, 2017, and I think she was originally going to be a sister to Willow or Wicket, but that didn’t end up happening.

Here’s Rey bear! I got her on April 14th, 2018. I hope to have her appear in some posts this fall.

This is Ben Solo, or Kylo Ren. I got him on the same day as Rey, and he is also underused here on the blog.

This is Carol, or Captain Marvel(Please do not call her Cap, that’s someone else) I got her on May 8th, 2019. She’s a lot like the Captain Marvel in the film, independent, sassy, powerful, and a tad arrogant. Out of all the bears on this page, she might just be used the most!

This is Andy! I got him in September, and he’s a sweet bear. He’s a Toy Story bear, hence the name Andy. He gets along well with the other bears and loves being a part of this family.

Those are my Disney animals! Check out some of the other groups!

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