Meet The Stones (Parents, Aunts, and Uncles)

Here is where you can meet the extended Stone Family! All of the children will be on this page, but you can meet the parents, aunts, and uncles here. (Though Wicket and Willow are part of the Stone family they will be on the guest star page)

Before I get into the individual profiles, I’m going to explain the family dynamic a bit. To be honest, I did a pretty good job of that in this post, so I’m just going to quote from there. However, since it is a bit outdated, I am just going to preface this and say that the kids have since aged a bit, and Wicket and Willow had another baby.

Periwinkle and Lil Choc are basically the glue that keeps the family together. Their families were friends before they married, but since the two have married, their two families have practically combined. They are truly one big happy family. (Also, Periwinkle’s maiden name is Carmel) So Periwinkle(A full-time mom) and Lil Choc(a lawyer) had seven kids. The quads who are about 8-9(one year in human years are three in bear years according to them), Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry. Then, they had three more kids. 7-year-old Candy, Cloud, who is almost six, and the baby, five year old Cali. The Stone house is very large and often serves as a meeting place for the families.

On Lil Choc’s side of the family(the Stone side) he has three siblings. Wicket, Cokie, and Rudolph.(Wicket and Rudolph were of course adopted). Wicket(a pilot) married Willow and together they had Weston. Cokie, the nurse remains unmarried. Rudolph became a neurologist and married Clarice. They had twins, Rudy and Claire.

Over on Peri’s side, there are more kids. Peri had two sisters(Bella and Emma) and Starburst was also adopted into her family. None of Peri’s sisters are married, but they did adopt a couple kids. Starburst, who works for an online school, lives in a tiny house with her two adoptive daughters, Swirl and Petal. Bella, a nurse practioner, recently adopted Mischief and Sparkles.

So, that’s basically the gist of it. Now, let’s get into each individual bear:

(We’re going to go in chronological order)


Starburst Fluffy Caramel

I got Starburst on March 20th, 2009. She was adopted into the Caramel family when she was younger. She has three sisters that are bears. She lives in a tiny house with her two adopted daughters, Swirl and Petal. She works from home for an online school. Although Starburst is technically a mother, she seems more like a loving big sister. She can totally be strict when she has to be, but most of the time she’s more fun than a mom. She’s a good sister and aunt as well. When taking the MBTI test, she gets ENFP.

Starburst’s BABAD post


Lil Choc Stone

My mom got Lil Choc Stone on November 27th, 2009. He is an ISTJ and a man of few words, but he always has time for his children. He works hard as a lawyer, and can be found fishing in his spare time. He gets along best with his eldest son Chip, because they share most of the same interests. They both prefer to be outdoors than indoors, and love their family incredibly.

Lil Choc’s BABAD post


Bella Caramel

When I got my first bear, Bella, on May 7th, 2011, I loved her! But then, her eye started to become loose, and eventually fell out. I mostly kept her put away until I finally tried to fix her in 2017. I succeeded, and now she’s part of the family again. She’s also a part of the Caramel family. Her personality type is an ESTJ. She is a nurse practioner, who adopted two bears, Mischief and Sparkles. Since she has a busy schedule as a doctor, her sister Peri watches the kids during the day. Bella is very sweet, and so it was only fitting that she became a mother.

Bella’s BABAD post


Cokie Stone

My mom got Cokie Stone on May 7th, 2011. Cokie is an ENFP nurse, with no children. She’s still a great aunt, and her niece Sandy is a lot like her. Aside from the fact that they look nearly identical, they also share a lot of the same interests, like crafting and drawing. Cokie would love to be an artist instead of a nurse, but artists don’t get paid very well. Cokie still paints and draws for fun though.

Cokie’s BABAD post


Periwinkle Stone

I got Periwinkle on October 22nd, 2013. You can call her Periwinkle, Peri, Mrs. Stone, or Mommy. She has many titles, and appreciates them all. She is the mother of the Stone Family and is incredibly nurturing and kind. She would give anything to her children, and tries to stay calm under all circumstances. Periwinkle is nowhere near the perfect mother and still slips up sometimes, but she really tries to be a good wife and mother. She is an ESFP-A.

Peri’s BABAD Post


Rudolph Stone

We got Rudolph on Christmas Eve, 2014. He is a neurologist, so he has a very hectic schedule. When he does have a spare moment he’s either hanging out with his adopted family, the Stones, or playing with his twins, Rudy and Claire. He is also an INTP.

Rudolph’s BABAD post


Clarice Stone

I got Clarice on the same day as I got Rudolph. She came as his girlfriend, but they later got married and then had kids, you know the story. She likes to decorate her home and strives to keep it clean. Since doctors make good money, Clarice often goes to the spa, and sometimes she even treats all the women of the Stone family to a spa night. She is an ENFJ who loves her kids fiercely.


Emerald Jewel Caramel

Emma is one of the Caramel sisters. Her MBTI type is an ISTJ. She’s obssessed with all things Irish, so she happened to pick up an Irish accent somehow. She is rather fond of St. Patrick’s day, and she definitely enforces the wearing green rule. She is the baby of her family, so her big sisters often treat her so. She is probably the favorite aunt, because she never says no when it comes to playing. I got her on June 1st, 2015(If you ask her though, it was St. Patrick’s day.)

Emma’s BABAD post

Well, I hope you have a better idea about these guys now. I encourage you to check out the Small-Frys, Additional Friends, and Guest Stars to meet even more BABS! And, don’t forget, if you have any questions, just ask!

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