Meet the Stones

Here is where you can meet all of the Stone Family! I explained a bit about their relationships here, but they deserve their own page. I hope you can follow their family, because they are the main Build a Bears on this blog.

This is Starburst. I got her on March 20th, 2009. She was adopted into the Caramel family when she was younger. She has three sisters that are bears(you will meet them later) She lives in a tiny house with her two adopted daughters, Swirl and Petal. She works from home for an online school. Although Starburst is technically a mother, she seems more like a loving big sister. She can totally be strict when she has to be, but most of the time she’s more fun than a mom. She’s a good sister and aunt as well.

My mom got Lil Choc Stone on November 27th, 2009. He is a man of few words, but he always has time for his children. He works hard as a lawyer, and can be found fishing in his spare time. He gets along best with his eldest son Chip, because they share most of the same interests. They both prefer to be outdoors than indoors, and love their family incredibly.

When I got my first bear, Bella, on May 7th, 2011, I loved her! But then, her eye started to become loose, and eventually fell out. I mostly kept her put away until I finally tried to fix her in 2017. I succeeded, and now she’s part of the family again. She’s also a part of the Caramel family. She is a nurse practioner, who recently adopted two bears, Mischief and Sparkles. Since she has a busy schedule as a doctor, her sister Peri watches the kids during the day. Bella is very sweet, and so it was only fitting that she became a mother.

My mom got Cokie Stone on May 7th, 2011. Cokie is a nurse, with no children. She’s still a great aunt, and her niece Sandy is a lot like her. Aside from the fact that they look nearly identical, they also share a lot of the same interests, like crafting and drawing. Cokie would love to be an artist instead of a nurse, but artists don’t get paid very well. Cokie still paints and draws for fun though.

Periwinkle arrived on October 22nd, 2013. She’s literally supermom. She loves each of her seven children with all her heart. She takes on all of the roles of mother. Teaching is one of her favorite ways to help her children, but she also cooks, cleans, plays, and is a nurse to the kids. She’s a very good mother.

We got Rudolph on Christmas Eve, 2014. He is a neurologist, so he has a very hectic schedule. When he does have a spare moment he’s either hanging out with his adopted family, the Stones, or playing with his twins, Rudy and Claire.

I got Clarice on the same day as I got Rudolph. She came as his girlfriend, but they later got married and then had kids, you know the story. She likes to decorate her home and strives to keep it clean. Since doctors make good money, Clarice often goes to the spa, and sometimes she even treats all the women of the Stone family to a spa night.

Emma is one of the Caramel sisters. She is obssessed with all things Irish, so she happened to pick up an Irish accent somehow. She is rather fond of St. Patrick’s day, and she definitely enforces the wearing green rule. She is the baby of her family, so her big sisters often treat her so. She is probably the favorite aunt, because she never says no when it comes to playing. I got her on June 1st, 2015(If you ask her though, it was St. Patrick’s day.

Well, if you’ve met Wicket, you know a lot about him. He’s my mom’s favorite, she got him for Christmas 2015. He has a very bold personality, and it’s hard to put it into words, so why don’t you just look at a few posts about him to see for yourself!

This is Willow, Wicket’s wife. She loves to nurture her son Weston, and besides that, she also likes to shop.

I got Swirl on January 13th, 2011(I think…). She’s a very bubbly bunny, who almost never stops rambling. She loves to play, but this energetic rabbit mostly loves to talk. She would talk for hours if we let her, as evidenced by her posts. She definitely makes the tiny house she shares with her adopted mom Starburst and adopted sister Petal feel small sometimes, but they wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Chip is the oldest Stone child(even though there are multiple Stone families, when I say Stone kids, I mean Peri and Lil Choc’s kids). Born on April 22nd, he was barely older than his three fellow quads. He’s basically a Chip off the old Choc(get it? Chip off the old Block?) Fun fact, all of the Stone kids initials are CSS. Chip Scout Stone is no different. He is a lot like his father. He loves to be out in nature, where it’s quiet. He also enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and all things pirate. Chip is a great big brother, and steps up to be the man of the house whenever Daddy has to go on a business trip.

Cierra Sandy Stone would hate to be called Cierra. Everyone calls her Sandy, as that’s her true name. She is a mini Mommy to her siblings, but sometimes she just uses that as an excuse to be bossy. She was born right after Chip, but not too much before the twins, Cherry and Cherie. She loves to craft. Sewing, drawing, painting, and baking are just a few of her passions.

Cherie Squinkles Stone was born on April 22nd, 2015, barely two seconds before her twin Cherry. Still, Cherie is a bit more mature than her younger twin. She’s a bit reserved and prefers the quiet. She loves to read as well.

Cherry Sprinkles Stone is the youngest of the quads. She probably gets along best with her twin Cherie, but she is totally an extrovert. Cherry loves to play, and this hyper bear can be found running, jumping, or anything where she’s using the unlimited energy that she has. She claims she likes anything that is fun. She’s definitely one of the most interesting characters, so it might be cool to hear some of her antics!

This is Gracie. Gracie is Sandy’s best friend(and twin apparently,) and she shares a birthday with Treasure(May 26th). She’s very softspoken, and tends to have her nose stuck in a book. She’s a planner, so if something happens that she couldn’t plan for, Gracie freaks out. Whenever she isn’t hanging out at the Stones house, she’s normally in a tree in her backyard reading.

Ack, this picture is blurry, but Candy loved it.

Candy Sunshine Stone (est. 9/4/2015) is…erm, spoiled to say the least. She loves presents, toys, clothes, and anything that costs money. You can easily get her to like you if you buy enough presents. However, Candy is also very impatient, so if you wait to give her something, it’s almost worse than not getting her anything at all. Her siblings would say one of her best qualities is that she never holds a grudge.

Rudy Stone(his full name is Rudolph Stone jr.) was born on January 11th, 2016. He may be small, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to keep up with his bigger cousins. He choses to run track in his spare time, and he sometimes overestimates his ability. He really does enjoy running, and being as loud as he can possibly be.

Claire (Clarice Stone jr.) is Rudy’s younger twin sister. She isn’t as loud or fast as her older brother, so he often likes to pick on her. Claire loves it when she can hang out with all her cousins, because the girls outnumber the boys. Claire is a little spoiled, but she doesn’t realize it. She loves to craft with Sandy, chat with Cali, play with Cherry, and dress up with Candy. One of the reasons Claire is so fun, is because she’s able to adapt to like anything her friends like.

The blog’s mascot, Cloud Star Stone. He was born on February 16th, 2016. He was the baby of his family for quite some time, so needless to say, he was a bit upset when Cali was born. He has a vast majority of interests, such as Marvel, Star Wars(he thinks he is a Sith), Cars, Jurassic Park, and Disney. He has a long list of possible careers for when he grows up. He loves his family, but he can be a little immature at times.

Petal is very shy. She doesn’t talk too much, so I guess we still have a bit to learn about her personality. She’s an introvert, and the only person she really talks to is her adopted sister Petal. However, since she joined the family, Sandy and Gracie started to hang out with her. They all get along, and surprisingly, Sandy is the most talkative one out of the bunch. Petal is so glad to be a part of the Stone family in some way.

Cali Swirl Stone is the baby of her family. Born on April 14th, 2017, she never fails to make her family laugh. She mostly gets along well with everyone, though she can be immature at times. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with, so she normally has someone by her side.

Weston Stone is Wicket’s firstborn son. He hasn’t talked yet, so who knows what he will be like! He was born on October 10th, 2018.

Mischief’s name explains a lot about him honestly. He was adopted by Bella Caramel on October 26th, 2018. He hangs around the Stone’s house all day while Bella is at work, but that doesn’t stop him from making as much trouble as he possibly can. He tends to make a lot of messes. Chip and Cloud were more than grateful to have another boy around. Mischief does love his family, he just has a funny way of showing it.

Sparkles is another shy little bear. I haven’t quite figured out her personality quite yet, but she is very reserved. She was adopted by Bella on December 25th, 2018. She does not like having Mischief as a brother, and she sometimes claims she doesn’t even know him.


Here is Tye! (Emmie came up with the fantastic name idea!) His full name is Tyler, and he likes the beach, tie-dying, and bold prints. I got him on June 7th, 2020.

Whew! Those are all of the Stones! These guys will be the main bears to appear on this blog, so it’s important that you can follow their relationships. Do you have any questions? Which Stone are you most like?

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