Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 is almost over. So, like I did last year, I will do a recap of camp! Prepare for a lot of links. Like, a lot. Anyway, let’s relive the best of camp! Craft Round-Up A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie) DIY Pillow Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Tour of Camp DIY Red Cape Meet Kaelyn and Daisy (Guest Post by Kaelyn) Part of Your World Photoshoot Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp Princess and the Pea Retelling Gymnastics Photoshoot DIY Volleyball Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Book Club

“Hello friends! Today we’re having a book club for the daily event, and we will be discussing some of our favorite books. I’m your host, Summer, and this is my co-host Starburst! I hope you enjoy this book club! The Super Adventurers can start us off.” “Well, uh, I chose Harry Potter. It’s about wizards, but I assume everyone knows that by now…” “My book is about pirates who go on a quest to steal magical peanuts.” “Mischief, did you even read that book?” “Uhhhhh, no?” “Um, this book didn’t have words. I mean, it did have words, but not … Continue reading Book Club

The Heart of a Story ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

Hello friends! I hope you enjoy today’s post! Kaelyn wrote it. Hello Campers from Camp Happy Heart!! 🙂 My name is Amor, the heart stuffie, and my name means love in Spanish, which is my home country of Spain’s national language. This is my first year ever at Camp Happy Heart and A Book Can Take You Anywhere week has been an incredible experience. My favorite thing that has happened this week has been a book club with my counselor, Merci ( her name means thank you in French), and my friends High Princess Unie of FunTown and Princess Moonshine of the Star-Sector. ( … Continue reading The Heart of a Story ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

Rainy Day Blues? ~ A Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Swirl will be narrating the photostory. Enjoy! I was bored. There was so much stuff that we were supposed to be doing! We’d just gotten back from lunch, so we were supposed to be at our daily event. But, it was stormy. You couldn’t have a shaving cream fight when you might get struck by lightning. So, we’d been sent back to our cabins until dinnertime. “Let’s do something,” Cali sighed. “I don’t want to sit here and do nothing all day.” “I am doing something,” Sparkles groaned. “It’s called reading. But it’s hard to do with … Continue reading Rainy Day Blues? ~ A Life at Camp Photostory

DIY Books + Free Prinatables!

Hello friends! Today I have a craft that I’m really proud of! Not only do I think it looks really good, but it’s also fun to make! Please excuse me in the voiceover, I’m not as comfortable talking as I am typing. But, I felt that this was more suited to a video than a post. And, here are the printables! This one has some of the typical dystopian novels. You know, like Hunger Games, or Divergent. This one has the Percy Jackson books. I’ve never read them, but I think a lot of you guys probably have. Here’s everyone’s … Continue reading DIY Books + Free Prinatables!