Aftershock S2 Episode 2

Hello friends! Aftershock week has come to an end…but that’s okay because we’ve stull got a lot of Aftershock content coming up. Anyway, I give to you episode 2! CATCH UP ON SEASON ONE Prologue Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 7.5 (the Christmas Special) Episode 8 Episode 9 CATCH UP ON SEASON TWO Episode 1 I walked up to the boy. He was simply playing a game of soccer with his friends. “Hello,” I said softly. I couldn’t imagine how scary I might seem with my bulletproof clothing. “Uh, hi,” … Continue reading Aftershock S2 Episode 2

Aftershock Promo Pics

Hello friends! *sniffs* Aftershock week is coming to an end… *sighs* But…the good news is that today you get to see the promo pictures that the cast took! I hope you enjoy this photoshoot! The LoS recruiting team. The entire cast of season 2. Andy and Tori. Andy, Tori, and Baby. they look like a family here… Lauren and Teddy. They also look like a family… stop foreshadowing! The superheroes, Aftershock and Pyro. Baby. Teddy. Pyro. Andy. Tori. Lauren. Hope you liked these! Come back tomorrow for Aftershock Episode 2! Continue reading Aftershock Promo Pics

Aftershock Character Spotlights

Hello friends! Welcome back to Aftershock Premeiere Week! We’re nearly done. But not quite. Today, I’ve got a character spotlight post for you all. Basically, I’m going to be making mini character profiles for the Aftershock characters. Enjoy! Lauren Davis [Aftershock] PLAYED BY PERIWINKLE STONE Lauren grew up loving superheroes. She always wanted to help the greater good, and was glad to be recruited to LoS. However, she soon learned that LoS is not all it seemed. Lauren is very motivated by doing the right thing, whatever that may be. She also loves her friends and family deeply, seeing as … Continue reading Aftershock Character Spotlights

Aftershock Playlist

Hello friends! Welcome back to Aftershock premiere week! Today, I’ve compiled an Aftershock themed playlist. 1. You Can’t Stop The Girl – Bebe Rexha This song is about an unstoppable girl…like say Lauren perhaps? I think it definitely fits the Aftershock vibe. 2. Smoke and Fire – Sabrina Carpenter Uhm, isn’t it obvious? One of the main characters can shoot fire from her hands? Also, I had to include some Sabrina Carpenter on this list. 3. Superheroes – The Script IT’S LITERALLY CALLED SUPERHEROES 4. Belladonna – Ava Max This song is so catchy! Anyway, I definitely feel like it … Continue reading Aftershock Playlist

You Can’t Stop the Girl Photoshoot

Hello friends! Welcome back to Aftershock premiere week! Today, you will find a photoshoot of Periwinkle as Lauren. I feel that this song suits Aftershock well. It’s You Can’t Stop the Girl by Bebe Rehxa. Oh, they tryna shoot down angelsThey tryna pull their wings offSo, they can’t fly And, oh, but she’s so brave, thoughJust like a tornadoShe’s taking us by storm You can’t stop the girl from goingYou can’t stop the world from knowing The truth will set you free, ohYou can’t stop the girl from goingYou can’t stop the world from knowingThe truth will set you free, … Continue reading You Can’t Stop the Girl Photoshoot

Aftershock Interview

Hello friends! As you can see, today we have the interview! The amazing Miriam agreed to ask me some questions about Aftershock. Huge thanks to her! Anyway, here are my answers to her questions! 1. What inspired you to start writing Aftershock? On the doll blogs I used to follow, a lot of bloggers did photo series’s. I knew I always wanted to do one, but it just seemed like it’d be hard to do it with my bears. Eventually I just decided to do one anyway! As for plot inspiration, I am highly inspired by the MCU, Agents of … Continue reading Aftershock Interview

Aftershock S2 Episode 1

Hello friends! I’m literally so excited to share this with you! That’s right, it’s time for Aftershock Season Two! *cheers* To kick off season two, you guys are getting a second themed week this month. Yup, Aftershock Premiere Week! You can look at the schedule above. We’re going to have a lot of fun this week. I’m hoping that I can get this season wrapped up before December. But I won’t make any promises yet. Anyway, you all came for the Aftershock episode right? So I’ll stop talking. =) All I’m going to say…is that you might have a cliffhanger … Continue reading Aftershock S2 Episode 1