Camp Happy Heart 2023 Announcement

Hello friends! I have something very exciting for you all today… Camp Happy Heart is coming back for 2023! Okay, so for those of you who are new or haven’t yet participated in Camp Happy Heart, let me briefly explain what it is. Camp Happy Heart is a summer event filled with photostories, photoshoots, crafts, and more! And the best part? It’s interactive! Whether you’d like to use stuffed animals, dolls, any other sort of toy, or even yourself, you can make posts about Camp Happy Heart on your blog! At this point, I’m undecided if this event will go … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2023 Announcement

Gauging Interest…

Hello friends! I’m aware that this is not my usual posting day, but I’m just so excited about this! I believe I mentioned recently that I intend to let you guys vote on my next photo series. Now that Aftershock is complete, it’s time to start something new! I have plenty of ideas, but I’ve narrowed it down to three. Here’s how this is going to work, in this post I’ll share the three synopses, and whichever one gets the most interest will have an episode posted first. I plan to share an episode of each of these before I … Continue reading Gauging Interest…

Assortment of Awesome no. 4 {feat. tags and holiday plans}

Hello friends! Happy Black Friday! Is anyone braving the crowds today, hoping to save a few dollars? I certainly won’t be. The only Black Friday deals I care about are online. Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving yesterday? I hope so! Anyway, today I’ll be sharing an assortment of things that I’ve been meaning to get to. I have some photos of Swirl to make things interesting. Enjoy! Remaking Photography Tag Viola nominated me for this tag a few weeks ago, and I’m just now getting around to completing it. Thanks so much for nominating me Viola, and I’m sorry … Continue reading Assortment of Awesome no. 4 {feat. tags and holiday plans}

CHH 2022 Official Announcement + Updates

Hello friends! I didn’t have a post ready for today, so I thought I’d go ahead and make an announcement post for Camp Happy Heart 2022! I’m going to share some fun stuff about that, as well as touch on a couple announcements. I’m excited! Q&A Announcement I’ve gotten fewer questions for the BAB Q&A than I’d anticipated. (you can ask questions here) I’ve been postponing the answer post until I get enough questions, but I think I’m just going to set a date. The answer post will be on Friday, May 13th. So be sure to ask any questions … Continue reading CHH 2022 Official Announcement + Updates

Assortment of Awesome no. 3 {exposing all my secret plans}

Hello friends! I realize that you all were promised Aftershock in January. Whelp, it is no longer January and you still don’t have Aftershock…so where’s Aftershock Diamond? Aftershock News Basically…Aftershock hasn’t been written yet. I’m planning ten episodes, and then I’d like to have some time to edit them to make sure everything fits together and wraps up nicely for the final season. So I really cannot guarantee that Aftershock will be up before CHH 2022. I hope it will, I really do. Because…honestly I’m ready to move on. Don’t get me wrong, Aftershock is my first photo series and … Continue reading Assortment of Awesome no. 3 {exposing all my secret plans}

Assortment of Awesome no. 2

Hello friends! It’s time for an update post! I know that those can sometimes be a little boring, so I included a few photos of Stella to liven up the post. I was going to do something else today, but I’ve been pretty busy blogging-wise lately and I needed a simple post to give me a break. Plus, there are some things I’ve been meaning to talk about… CHH logo winner First up on the agenda today is the winner of the CHH logo competition! I’ve been meaning to announce this for like…ever. Congrats to Liz! Thanksgiving Week This is … Continue reading Assortment of Awesome no. 2

BAB Sitcom ~ Interview With Creator

Hello friends! Today, I have some announcements for you! But announcements on there own are boring, so I came up with something better. I got my friend Rayna to interview me. She will be asking me about the BAB sitcom! You’ll get to find out allllllllllllllll my secrets. Or maybe just 2-3. Sooo, enjoy! Helloooooo people! Tis’ Rayna… but Diamond’s already told you that.  So ya’ll probably already know who this awesome girl called Diamond is, but if you somehow don’t, hello! You must be new. Diamond blogs about her build-a-bears over here on BABF, and has a more bookish … Continue reading BAB Sitcom ~ Interview With Creator