Assortment of Awesome no. 2

Hello friends! It’s time for an update post! I know that those can sometimes be a little boring, so I included a few photos of Stella to liven up the post. I was going to do something else today, but I’ve been pretty busy blogging-wise lately and I needed a simple post to give me a break. Plus, there are some things I’ve been meaning to talk about… CHH logo winner First up on the agenda today is the winner of the CHH logo competition! I’ve been meaning to announce this for like…ever. Congrats to Liz! Thanksgiving Week This is … Continue reading Assortment of Awesome no. 2

BAB Sitcom ~ Interview With Creator

Hello friends! Today, I have some announcements for you! But announcements on there own are boring, so I came up with something better. I got my friend Rayna to interview me. She will be asking me about the BAB sitcom! You’ll get to find out allllllllllllllll my secrets. Or maybe just 2-3. Sooo, enjoy! Helloooooo people! Tis’ Rayna… but Diamond’s already told you that.  So ya’ll probably already know who this awesome girl called Diamond is, but if you somehow don’t, hello! You must be new. Diamond blogs about her build-a-bears over here on BABF, and has a more bookish … Continue reading BAB Sitcom ~ Interview With Creator