Art Show

Hello friends! Welcom to our art show! Each camper will come up to the stage and tell us a little about the art piece they have created. Let's get started! "Uh, this piece is the one I made. We were told to make a piece that represents us, and this is kinda like a… Continue reading Art Show

Tye’s Artistic Photoshoot

Hello friends! Today I have a photoshoot of Tye painting. I hope you like it! Tye loves arts and crafts. He is glad to have gotten to meet some new friends at Camp Happy Heart. Though painting isn't his preferred art form, he still enjoys it. Tye… Continue reading Tye’s Artistic Photoshoot

DIY Artist Smock

Hello friends! Welcome to the first day of Colorful Creations! Today I have a craft for you all. It's really easy. I'll be showing you guys how to make an artist smock for your campers! Let's go! All you really need is a plastic grocery bag and scissors. But I included the tape in… Continue reading DIY Artist Smock

Art Dump from Baby Diamond

Hello friends! As you know, I have more old drawings to share! Let’s get right into it, and remember, this is very old, so I have improved a bit since then. Here’s a picture of Velvety. Yeah, I’m guessing Velvety was my favorite at this point in time. This is supposed to be Patrioticy. There… Continue reading Art Dump from Baby Diamond

Build a Bears Furever Art Dump 2019

Hey guys! If you’ve been following my other blog, you know I’ve been going through some of my old artworks and stuff. Someday, I’ll do a post on my older art, but for today, I’m going to be sharing some of my better(and more recent) works. This is something I did very recently. Probably like,… Continue reading Build a Bears Furever Art Dump 2019