BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

Hello friends! Today it’s time for one of my favorite posts of CHH…the band photoshoot! The bears all enjoy this event. Here’s a shot of the whole band. These are the vocalists, Cali, Waffle, Rudy, and Claire. The strings section consists of Cam, Oswald, Swirl, Petal, and Sparkles. The winds section is Tye, Cherry, Azura, Cloud, and Candy. Finally, we have Mischief, Sandy, Stella, and Gracie on percussion. We’ve got to thank our lovely conductor…Chip! Chip holds the whole band together! Backstage, Theo and Cherie are making sure things run smoothly. Let’s give a big hand to the band! They … Continue reading BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

Hello friends! I’m sad today because camp is over… Then again…I do get to free up my posting schedule a good bit… Anyway, today’s post is to recap all of camp! In case you missed one of the 45… (I’m going to get a looooot of pingbacks…) Welcome to camp was a fun week to kick off camp. I think the Check-In Photostory was my favorite of this week? Check-In Chaos ~ Life at Camp Welcome Ceremony A Photoshoot by the Campfire 2021 Registration Forms + Graphics An Overview of the Camp Contests Honestly looking back I think this might … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

Band Photoshoot (the third)

Hello friends! This is always one of my favorite posts to make, and I’m really excited to share these photos with you! I really do feel like these posts get better each year. Here are our performers together! We’re running out of room to fit everyone lol. Cam’s on one of the guitars. He doesn’t really know how to play, but he has fun strumming the two chords Petal taught him. Likewise, Swirl only knows what her sister taught her. Petal on the other hand is a guitar queen! She picked it up a couple years ago at camp and … Continue reading Band Photoshoot (the third)

Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 is almost over. So, like I did last year, I will do a recap of camp! Prepare for a lot of links. Like, a lot. Anyway, let’s relive the best of camp! Craft Round-Up A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie) DIY Pillow Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Tour of Camp DIY Red Cape Meet Kaelyn and Daisy (Guest Post by Kaelyn) Part of Your World Photoshoot Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp Princess and the Pea Retelling Gymnastics Photoshoot DIY Volleyball Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Band Photoshoot

Hello friends! Last year, I absolutely did not want to do the battle of the bands photoshoot. It took forever to make, and it was kind of a pain. But, it turned out so well! I encourage you to look back at the post to look at the pictures and compare them to today’s pictures. Since that post ended up being my favorite post of Camp last year, I decided to bring it back. I feel like I’ve really grown, and I’m incredibly proud of these photos. So, no captions on today’s photoshoot! You guys just have to enjoy these … Continue reading Band Photoshoot

Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Sparkles will be narrating the photostory. Enjoy! Tomorrow, I would have to go on stage and perform as part of the bear band. All of my cabin was practicing for it. None of us were particularly good at anything, we were just playing for fun. But I still seemed to be doing the worst, despite the fact that I’d practiced a lot since last year. Cali was singing her heart out. She would have no problem singing in front of the whole camp. My hands shook as I practiced my cello. Despite my practice, I still played … Continue reading Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory