Winter Bearlympic Closing Ceremony

Hello friends! Today marks the last day of the Winter Bearlympics. We’re going to have our closing ceremony today! Enjoy! Hello and welcome to the closing ceremony of the 2022 Winter Bearlympics! We’re going to begin with a highlight reel of the games. Winter Bearlympic Opening Ceremony Gisselle’s Figure Skating Photoshoot ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022 DIY Snowboard ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022 Breaking The Ice || A Hockey Photostory ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022 Spectating At The Bearlympics ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022 Hitting The Slopes ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022 Award Ceremony ~ Eximius Award Now time for the medal ceremony! Gisselle of … Continue reading Winter Bearlympic Closing Ceremony

Award Ceremony ~ Eximius Award

Hello friends! Today for the Winter Bearlympics, we’ll be having an award ceremony! That’s right, even though I don’t normally do awards on my blog, I am today! When I saw the Eximius Award, I knew I wanted to try it. So that’s what I’ll be doing now! The Eximius Blogger Award is an award which symbolises the exceptionality of every blogger. Eximius is the Latin word for exceptional, and this award is created to honour the exceptionality or uniqueness of every blogger out there. This award is for all those bloggers who put an insane amount of effort and … Continue reading Award Ceremony ~ Eximius Award

Hitting The Slopes ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Hello friends! Today I have a cute little photoshoot of Cali skiing. Enjoy! She looks confident as she begins at the top of the mountain. Nice start. Look at how straight her feet are. You can tell she feels comfortable on the slopes. She is one with the mountain. Wonderful turn by Cali. Oh wow! She’s attempting a flip! And she nails the landing! That was some beautiful skiing out there. Miss Stone! How do you feel about your skiing today? “Uh, I feel good. I did my best, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the … Continue reading Hitting The Slopes ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Spectating At The Bearlympics ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Hello friends! Today I have a fun little photostory about Cherie and Candy watching the Bearlympics. Enjoy! “The Bearlympics are pretty awesome, huh?” Cherie asks. “I mean I guess. They’d be better if I was in them.” “Oh really? What sport would you play?” Candy looks down in confusion. “I dunno.” “You could figure skate like Gisselle,” “Eh…I do like the pretty dresses. But I’m no good on skates.” “So I guess that rules out hockey with Cloud?” Candy nods. “You could try snowboarding like Waffle?” “Snowboards aren’t very fashionable.” “Well, you could join Cali on the slopes.” “Yeah…but I … Continue reading Spectating At The Bearlympics ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Breaking The Ice || A Hockey Photostory ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Hello friends! I’m excited to share today’s post with you. It’s about a pretty popular Olympic sport…Hockey! Now, I know virtually nothing about hockey. So, I asked my resident hockey expert Lizo a few questions, and she helped me to know some more about this sport. So thanks Lizo! I would have been completely lost without you. Anyway, enjoy…Breaking The Ice! (Cloud’s POV) I shivered, and not just because of the frigid conditions. I, Cloud Star Stone, was…nervous. Before you shake your head and say, “Well, that doesn’t sound like Cloud, he’s cool as a cucumber,” let me explain myself. … Continue reading Breaking The Ice || A Hockey Photostory ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

DIY Snowboard ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Hello friends! Today we’re going to focus on snowboarding…and more specifically, how to make a mini snowboard. Are you ready? You will need foam, duct tape, a pen, and scissors. You’re going to start by drawing out this rectangular shape onto the foam. You’re going to want to slightly round the edges. Make sure the rectangle is a bit bigger than your model’s feet. As you can see, this ended up being perfect for Waffle. Okay, now we’re going to cut a piece of tape that’s a good deal longer than the board. Fold it in half. Tape it onto … Continue reading DIY Snowboard ~ Winter Bearlympics 2022

Winter Bearlympic Opening Ceremony

Hello friends! With this post, I think I’m officially out of my blogging slump. (at least, I hope so…) Today we’re kicking off the 2022 Winter Bearlympics! The Small-Frys have worked really hard to make this opening ceremony special for you all, so I hope you enjoy. To kick off the ceremonies, a figure skater emerges onto the rink. She gracefully glides over the ice. Let’s see what shape she made! Oh! It’s a lovely heart! Now another figure skater appears. Let’s kick off the 2022 Bearlympics! Now, two of our athletes will be singing the national anthem from their … Continue reading Winter Bearlympic Opening Ceremony

Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

Hello friends! I’m sad today because camp is over… Then again…I do get to free up my posting schedule a good bit… Anyway, today’s post is to recap all of camp! In case you missed one of the 45… (I’m going to get a looooot of pingbacks…) Welcome to camp was a fun week to kick off camp. I think the Check-In Photostory was my favorite of this week? Check-In Chaos ~ Life at Camp Welcome Ceremony A Photoshoot by the Campfire 2021 Registration Forms + Graphics An Overview of the Camp Contests Honestly looking back I think this might … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart 2021 Recap

Bear-Lympics Event 5: Tennis (+Award Ceremony)

Hello friends! We’re nearly toward the end of our Bear-Lympic tournament! Today, the competitors will be playing a tournament of tennis to determine the winner of Bear-Lympics! Two representatives have been chosen from each cabin. Without further ado, let’s begin our tennis tournament! Representing Stellar Scouts we have Oswald and Cam, and representing the Cheerful Ladybugs are Sandy and Stella. Stella will be serving. Cam hits the ball back over to the girls. Oh dear! It looks like the Cheerful Ladybugs are off to a bad start. 15-Love! 15-15! 15-30! Due to our shortened game, we’re going to give this … Continue reading Bear-Lympics Event 5: Tennis (+Award Ceremony)

Bear-Lympics Event 4: Fencing

Hello friends! Today is the fourth event of Bear-Lympics. Today, our sport is Fencing. Our representatives will be Gracie, Theo, Oswald, Claire, Waffle, and Stella. The first match-up of the day will be between Theo and Gracie! As the blades clash, it is unsure which competitor will prevail. That is until Theo manages to knock Gracie’s sword straight out of her hand. Theo shouts victoriously, “Hurray!” Theo moves on to round two. The next game will be between Oswald and Claire. Though Claire may be small, she is able to provoke a look of pure terror from her opponent. She … Continue reading Bear-Lympics Event 4: Fencing