Hello friends! Today, Takeover Week is temporarily canceled for a very special reason. It’s the two year anniversary of the day I started this blog! I’m so grateful I did and for all the good blogging has brought to my life. Did I ever think I would still be blogging here two years later with plans to blog indefinitely? No, I’d never even stuck with … Continue reading Blogiversary

Flashback Friday – BAB Takeover Week March 2019

Hello friends! In honor of our upcoming blogiversary, we decided that we would have a flashback post! I (Summer), will be sharing my thoughts on some of our older posts. This also gives a great opportunity for new readers to read some of our older posts. It’s sad that our new readers aren’t familiar with some of our older posts, because they’re pretty good! Let’s … Continue reading Flashback Friday – BAB Takeover Week March 2019


Today, March 4th, marks the first anniversary of Build a Bears Furever. I’ve learned a lot in a year, and I’m glad that this is the first blog I actually stuck around to celebrate a year. I still have plans to post for a long time, so hopefully there will be a two year blogoversary, three year, and so on. Stats: 3 followers 533 pageviews … Continue reading Blogoversary!