Holly and Hal Moose Book Review

Hello friends! Today I have a fun post for you. So, years ago, Build a Bear came out with a book. This was in 2008, to be exact. Young Diamond had only begun collecting Build a Bears at the time, and she was ecstatic that Build a Bear had a book out about two of their bears! She wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop and buy Holly Moose and the book that went along with Holly. However, it ended up being cheaper to buy Hal as well, despite the fact Diamond didn’t want him very much. However, Holly … Continue reading Holly and Hal Moose Book Review

Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears

Hey guys! So I decided to document when I got Rey and Kylo on April 14th. I will be sharing those pictures today! Let’s get started. I always like to look through a few to choose the perfect one. I like the display they have.   OK, so now I’ve got the two perfect ones.   I liked this Groot shirt. (Sorry the pictures upside down)   I considered buying some of these shirts.   This one was probably my favorite.   I almost got a lightsaber.   Awwww,   Okay, now it’s time to make birth certificates! I get … Continue reading Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears

The Build a Bear’s Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul

Hello friends! Recently, I took some Build a Bears to Disney World with me. I took some pictures and had lots of fun. I will share a few pictures now. Three of Peri’s kids. Candy, Cali and Cloud Wicket’s reflection. I think Cloud smelled something bad. My guess is that this is when we went through Savannah. Somewhere in between these two pictures, we stopped by Build a Bear Workshop in the mall of Florida. I picked up something. You will see at the end of this post. Ooooh, we’re getting close! That’s our resort! The master bedroom. Master bath. … Continue reading The Build a Bear’s Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul

Trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop + An Introduction

Hello friends! On April 14th, I was able to go to Build a Bear. We might have bought some stuff. We might have new addition(s). I will share the pictures I took, and maybe make an introduction. Ah, yes. Of course Wicket was driving. Aww. Where have I been to miss the release of this cutie. This is a hint to what Wicket wants. Also, why did I not know Starlight was made into a Build a Bear? Cloud says, “Kylo Ren!” The ponies! I seriously need Rarity’s cape. I’m so glad they re-released it. OK, so I won’t share everything we got just yet. But, … Continue reading Trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop + An Introduction