Memories through Photos

I'm back with more old pictures. This should be the last installment(unless I find more). Let's get started! Notice: Most of these photos are pretty bad quality. This is from BABW Orlando. Wicket is silly, he's trying to wear Minnie Mouse ears! I think this was fairly soon after I'd gotten Dreamy. They actually have… Continue reading Memories through Photos

Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards April 2018

This will be the final Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards. More info later... Today, we get to acknowledge each of the birthdays over the past two months! Starburst turned nine on March 20th.   Daisy turned eight on March 8th.   Rarity turned 4 on 3/27.   Eden turned three on 4/6.   On 4/7, Teacup… Continue reading Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards April 2018