The Dolled Up Tag

Hello friends! I’m really excited about today’s post! When I saw RJ create this tag on Adventures of AG Dolls, I thought it was a genius idea! Then, ForestPoodle88 of Hedgehog Hollow did this tag and left an open nomination. So here I am… Rules Directions I wasn’t about to list all the bears, but I listed all the ones that are of a similar size. Cali won! Then, I added all the aesthetics, and… Preppy won! I must admit, I googled this aesthetic to ensure that my perception of it matched up with the aesthetic. And then… Here’s Cali’s … Continue reading The Dolled Up Tag

Jedi & Justice ~ A Star Wars Finale

Hello friends! This post is…a bit late. Mostly because it was supposed to be up last year… I promise I won’t make you wait 3 years for this one! I intend to continue this story next year… Diamond, 2021 I had promised to give you all the conclusion to our Star Wars saga this Star Wars day, and erm…that didn’t happen. I *promise* I’ll make it happen next year! Diamond, 2022 Whelp, even though I wanted to get this up on May 4th, it just wasn’t happening this year. But I didn’t let that stop me. I kept working on … Continue reading Jedi & Justice ~ A Star Wars Finale

The Easter Bunnies ~ A BABF Easter Special

Hello friends! Honestly, I’m not quite as proud of this story as I have been with a lot of my posts. It turned out much shorter than my usual post, and I was sort of trying to imitate an older style of mine, but I don’t really think this is my style anymore. Oh well. Ultimately, I do think this concept is cool though, so I thought I’d share it anyway. “Breaking News,” the television shouts. “Due to inflation and the rising cost of eggs, the Easter Bunny will not be visiting children this year.” Swirl gasps loudly. “No Easter … Continue reading The Easter Bunnies ~ A BABF Easter Special

Back In The Day Pilot Preview

Hello friends! Most of you wanted me to continue sharing the pilot episodes of these photo series’, so that’s what we’re going to do today! Today’s series is Back In The Day! I must admit, I’m a little nervous to share this one with you all. I’ve been mentioning it for years now. I believe the first time I ever mentioned it was in January 2021, when I had little idea what this series would turn into. Now, I still have only a vague idea of what this series will be, but I have a full season written. (keep in … Continue reading Back In The Day Pilot Preview

A Christmas Small-Fry Photoshoot || The Twelve Days of Blogmas Day 7

Hello merry friends! Today I have a Christmasy small-fry Photoshoot for you all! I hope you enjoy all these photos of the small-fries in their holiday outfits! Here’s everyone together! Aren’t they cute? The Stone siblings…they’re so excited for Christmas! Of course, I had to get a shot of just the twins. And thennnn someone decided she wanted her own beauty shot…Meet Minxi everyone! Cam and Stella. Mischief and Sparkles. The Caramel family…these siblings are so sweet! Waffle and Theo. Rudy and Claire. Then I started getting individual shots with Azura. Gracie. Gisselle. Tye. Theo. Waffle. Stella. Cam. Petal. Oswald. … Continue reading A Christmas Small-Fry Photoshoot || The Twelve Days of Blogmas Day 7

Skipping Stones Episode 9 “Graveyards and Goosebumps”

Hello friends! I really wanted to get this post up for you all. In September, I found this skeleton at Dollar Tree and I just knew it would be perfect for a sitcom like this. But then…life happened. Days passed, and all of a sudden it was October 30th and I hadn’t even started on this post. Now, these sitcoms typically take more work than can be done in a single day, but I desperately wanted to get this one up today. So it was about midnight last night, and I decided to start writing a short sitcom that maybe … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 9 “Graveyards and Goosebumps”

Build a Bears Furever’s 5th Annual Halloween Fashion Show

Hello friends! Can you believe it’s time for the 5th annual Halloween Fashion Show? Every year, I try to improve upon last year’s Halloween Fashion Show. Sometimes I improve the photos, sometimes the setting… This year, the focus was on the costumes. Usually, I reuse the costumes from years past, and I’ve done a little of that this year as well. But… This year we’re doing Marvelween! When I made Cali’s Scarlet Witch costume last year, I had an idea. What if the entire Halloween Fashion Show was Marvel themed? Fair warning, this post has fewer costumes than normal. But, … Continue reading Build a Bears Furever’s 5th Annual Halloween Fashion Show

Back to School Portraits 2022

Hello friends! Can you believe the 2022 school year is already in full swing? I can’t! Anyway, the school-aged Build-A-Bears got together to take school photos. I always love doing this traditional post. I hope you like seeing these pictures! Here’s a picture of the whole group. We have quite a big group this year! Our only tenth grader in the bunch, Gisselle. The sixth grade class looks very similar to last year’s class. I think that the fifth grade is the largest. Azura is a new addition this year! Our fourth grade. Finally, our third grade class. Alright, now … Continue reading Back to School Portraits 2022

BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

Hello friends! Today it’s time for one of my favorite posts of CHH…the band photoshoot! The bears all enjoy this event. Here’s a shot of the whole band. These are the vocalists, Cali, Waffle, Rudy, and Claire. The strings section consists of Cam, Oswald, Swirl, Petal, and Sparkles. The winds section is Tye, Cherry, Azura, Cloud, and Candy. Finally, we have Mischief, Sandy, Stella, and Gracie on percussion. We’ve got to thank our lovely conductor…Chip! Chip holds the whole band together! Backstage, Theo and Cherie are making sure things run smoothly. Let’s give a big hand to the band! They … Continue reading BAB Band Photoshoot || A Camp Tradition

DIY Weekly Schedule Board

Hello friends! Today we have a craft. Enjoy! Cali and Swirl wander around the main hall. “What do you think we’re doing today?” Cali asks. “I don’t know, why don’t we check the schedule?” Swirl suggests. “That’s not very helpful…” Cali starts. “It’s from two years ago!” “Hm, you’re right. We need something more accurate.” Swirl decides. What would really help these two is a schedule board! That’s what we will be making in this post. You will need a corkboard(I got this from Dollar Tree), a pen, some sticky notes, and a pair of scissors. I thought this corkboard … Continue reading DIY Weekly Schedule Board