In Summer Photoshoot ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Olaf

Hello friends! It’s weather week, and I figure what better way to kick off weather week than with a post featuring sunny weather? Do we know anyone who loves warm, sunny days? That’s right, Olaf! Here is Olaf’s BABAD, a lyric photoshoot. Enjoy! Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzzAnd I’ll be doing whatever snow does in summerA drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sandProbably getting gorgeously tanned in summer I’ll finally see a summer breeze blow away a winter stormAnd find out what happens to solid water when it gets warmAnd I can’t wait to see … Continue reading In Summer Photoshoot ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Olaf

Skipping Stones Episode 6 “Dances and Disorder”

Hello friends! It’s been a while since our last Skipping Stones episode, so I’m really excited to share the next one! This one is set at Camp and it’s pretty fun…enjoy! Campers gather around the schedule board. Sandy squeals in delight. Cloud and Mischief peek around the bears crowding the board. “What is it?” Mischief asks, not wanting to miss out on the excitement. “What’s going on?” Sandy steps away from in front of the board and points. “On Friday, there’s a camp dance! But only for the older campers. “See where it says ‘incoming middle schoolers and up’? That … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 6 “Dances and Disorder”

DIY Superhero Capes

Hello friends! Today I have a quick craft for you all. It’s very simple, and I think you’re going to like it. You’re going to need your model, some fabric, scissors, a hair-tie, and glue/a needle and thread. Cut a cape that covers your model’s back. Now you’re going to attach the hair tie to the neck of the cape. You can either sew it or glue it. As you can see, I glued it. I’m not the best with this fabric glue, so it turned out a bit messy. Ta-da! Super Waffle is on his way to save the … Continue reading DIY Superhero Capes

CHH Fashion Show

Hello friends! Today, the bears will be having a fashion show. I hope you enjoy seeing the outfits they put together! Welcome to our CHH Fashion show! I’m Adeline, and I’ll be your host today. First up is the lovely Gisselle, donning a dress inspired by her home country, France. Next up we have Claire, modeling a lovely bumblebee dress. Cali shines in her lovely tutu. Candy is looking cute in this adorable hat. Matching Claire’s bee theme, Sparkles adorns a bee halter top. It’s Santa Claus…no, it’s Mischief? Cloud looks real suave in his vest. Oswald likes his vest … Continue reading CHH Fashion Show

Gracie’s Fashion Tips ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Gracie

Hello friends! Even though it’s Camp Happy Heart, I figured that it would be fun to still incorporate some BABAD posts. I haven’t done enough of those lately. Anyway, since it’s Fashion Week, who better to feature than our resident fashion designer, Gracie? She’ll be giving some fashion tips. Handing this over to her now. Hey guys! I’m excited to give you guys some tips on how to style your outfits. Keep a simple color palette. This might seem obvious, but it’s a lot easier to put together outfits if the colors all match. I recommend having mostly neutral colors(like … Continue reading Gracie’s Fashion Tips ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Gracie

Make Clothes With Me

Hello friends! Today I’m going to be making some clothes to kick off Fashion Week! This isn’t really a tutorial, but I thought you might like to see the bears get some new clothes. Firstly, here are my supplies. I didn’t end up using all of them. But anyway, I bought the bee socks and patriotic scarf from Dollar Tree with the intention of making clothes for this post. The other pieces are pajama pants that have been very worn out and are no longer wearable. Firstly, I used the bee socks to make a dress for Gracie. It looks … Continue reading Make Clothes With Me

angie’s art class: meet the students!

hello friends! i’m angie the art teacher! this is my first year teaching, and i have SO much fun with it. art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself! you get to let your creativity shine through, and sharing art with others is a fun way to share happiness. today i’m gathering all my art supplies for my students! they’ll arrive here on the bus shortly. oh here they are! i’d like to introduce you to my students! monty maria is helping me run my art class this year! she’s a preteen and loves to be outside. she enjoys coloring, … Continue reading angie’s art class: meet the students!

fun boredom busters with janet!

hallo! it’s me, janet the jellyfish! i thought it would be so fun to share boredom busters with you today! fun boredom busters with janet! i LOVE playing the piano- you can play songs you learn, or songs you make up! if you play an instrument (or want to learn a new one!), it’s a great hobby to have. pop-its are very fun too! especially the big ones, you could do them for hours 😄 visiting your friends is a great way to spend your time! you can have fun chatting and playing games. ahhh. relaxing outside can’t be beat! … Continue reading fun boredom busters with janet!

DIY Picnic Table

Hello friends! Today is the last day of week one of Camp Happy Hear! I hope you’re enjoying so far, and I hope you enjoy today’s craft. “Candy, would you like to go on a picnic with me?” Sparkles asks. “Where?” Candy asks. “Um…outside? On the ground?” Sparkles replies. She isn’t sure where else to have a picnic. “I can’t be expected to sit on the ground!” Candy scoffs. “My pants are too fancy.” I know what would fix these guys’ problems…a picnic table! We’re going to learn how to make one in today’s post. Here are your supplies, popsicle … Continue reading DIY Picnic Table

Summertime Self-Care with Cora

Hello friends! Today, the campers have all gathered in the main hall for a seminar given by counselor Cora. I hope you all enjoy! “Hello, campers! I’m so glad you’re all here. I will be giving a seminar on self-care during the summer. Please pay attention and apply these tips while you’re at camp.” “The first tip I have for you is to drink water. I’m sure you all know this by now, but staying hydrated can really have a positive impact on how you’re feeling.” “My next tip is to not overwork yourself. It’s easy to see all the … Continue reading Summertime Self-Care with Cora