Family is a Feeling ~ An Introductory Photostory

Hey guys! Today, I finally get to introduce Cam and Stella! I hope you enjoy this photostory, told from Stella’s perspective. Also, if you’re new to the blog, this is a great way to meet the Stones! “Tap, tap,” I knocked at the door of our new neighbors. “Come on! That’s not how you knock,” Cam teased as he proceeded to pound on the door. “Ugh!” I replied. “Our new neighbors aren’t going to like us because of how annoying you are.” Cam laughed. “If the neighbors don’t like us, it’s just because of how weird you are. Besides, they … Continue reading Family is a Feeling ~ An Introductory Photostory

Resolutions Race ~ A New Year’s Photostory

Happy New Year everyone! I haven’t seen you guys since Christmas, and I’ve missed posting every day already! But, I’ve got a lot of plans in store for 2021 and I’m very happy with the direction that this blog is going in. Before we get started, please check out the profile pages! I completely overhauled them and I’m really happy with them. It would mean a lot to me if you guys gave those pages some love! This photostory is about Cherie trying to complete her New Years resolutions before the New Year. I struggled with beginning this tale because … Continue reading Resolutions Race ~ A New Year’s Photostory

Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 5) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

Hello friends! I hope you’ve been enjoying Candy’s Christmas Carol. Today is the last part! This part is probably the longest. Christmas is coming up! I’m so excited… PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 I began to hear yawns and a mixture of alarm clocks echo throughout my house. My family was awaking. I needed to do something to change my future, I just didn’t know what. “Is it Christmas yet?” Cherry peeped up. She’d been asking this ever since Thanksgiving. “Not yet,” Sandy moaned. “It’s tomorrow,” “Good!” I thought to myself. “I still have time to change.” … Continue reading Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 5) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Hello friends! It’s getting really close to Christmas, so I won’t mention how many days are left. (We’re getting a little too close for my taste). Anyway, today the Stones starred in a Christmas Caroling photoshoot for all of you to enjoy. I hope you like it! “Kids!” Mommy melodiously called. “It’s almost time to leave for Christmas caroling!” “Oh, but we aren’t ready!” Sandy frantically replied. “Please let us practice one more song?” “Alright,” Daddy agreed. “But make it quick.” Sandy tapped along to the beat and then lead the clan in song. Hark! the herald angels sing:“Glory to … Continue reading Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Secret Santa Drawing

Hello friends! We’re slowly inching towards Christmas. Today’s photostory for you is about the Stones selecting their secret Santa names. Enjoy! (Cloud’s POV) “Kids!” Mommy called in a singsong voice. “Come in the living room! We’re going to pick Secret Santa names today.” It didn’t take very long for all of my siblings to rush into the living room. “Now, this year we’re going to get Secret Santa gifts for everyone. You can make or buy something for whoever you choose, but make sure it’s something your sibling will really enjoy! Daddy and I aren’t buying each of you kids … Continue reading Secret Santa Drawing

Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Hello friends! It’s time for our third annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever’s 1st annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show! I can’t believe that we’ve made it to 3 Halloween Fashion Shows! I even missed it my first year blogging. Anyway, I first did a BAB Halloween Fashion Show back in…2013? I feel old. Anyway, my point is I’ve done this a lot. I try to keep it interesting by changing up the setting and costumes each year. I’ve gotten some new costumes this year, and I feel that the photos turned out … Continue reading Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!