Easter Bible Photoshoot {feat. the Caramel siblings}

Hello friends! Happy Easter! I had a lot of ideas for this post, but ultimately I decided on this…a photoshoot of the rabbits captioned by Bible verses about Easter. I think this is a nice mixture of cute photos and a reminder of what today is all about. These guys are excited to share the resurrection story with you all! Swirl reminds everyone that every bunny is welcome here! Petal and Oswald remind you all that no bunny loves you like Jesus. From Matthew 28: 1 In the end of the sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came … Continue reading Easter Bible Photoshoot {feat. the Caramel siblings}

Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas friends! It’s Christmas day! Can you believe it? I can’t. Probably because it’s not actually Christmas for me…so normally Christmas day is the end of blogmas for me. I take photos of all my gifts and share them in a haul. But I still have another week of blogmas left! I’ll be doing a haul sometime within the next week. I chose to do this for two reasons. For one, I don’t want to *have* to blog on Christmas. I’ve blogged on Christmas for the past 3 years…I can take today off! And secondly, I want to keep … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2021

Reason for the Season ~ the True Meaning of Christmas

Hello friends! Today, I’m going to share a photostory with you all that I feel captures the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you enjoy and take a few moments today to ponder what Christmas means to you. Oh, and this story is told from Tye’s perspective in case you’re confused. The smell of cinnamon filled the air as I entered my friends’ house. I was immediately taken aback by the stockings, gifts, and glowing tree in the Stone’s living room. I knew a lot of people decorate their house for Christmas, but this was a little much. They even … Continue reading Reason for the Season ~ the True Meaning of Christmas