Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Hello friends! It’s time for our third annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever’s 1st annual Halloween Fashion Show! Build a Bears Furever 2nd Annual Halloween Fashion Show! I can’t believe that we’ve made it to 3 Halloween Fashion Shows! I even missed it my first year blogging. Anyway, I first did a BAB Halloween Fashion Show back in…2013? I feel old. Anyway, my point is I’ve done this a lot. I try to keep it interesting by changing up the setting and costumes each year. I’ve gotten some new costumes this year, and I feel that the photos turned out … Continue reading Build a Bears Furever’s 3rd Annual Halloween Fashion Show!

Brownie’s Birthday Surprise ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Brownie

Hello friends! Today, I have a very special BABAD for you all. It’s featuring my first ever Build a Bear, Brownie! Also, before I show you the post, I have some exciting news. Remember this post? Yeah, well now there is officially a BAB house! I’m really excited about it, and I can’t wait to make new posts in it. There will definitely be a tour of it, though it will probably end up being in September. Anyway, that’s just to say that this is the first post to take place in the new house, so please let me know … Continue reading Brownie’s Birthday Surprise ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Brownie

Memories through Photos

I’m back with more old pictures. This should be the last installment(unless I find more). Let’s get started! Notice: Most of these photos are pretty bad quality. This is from BABW Orlando. Wicket is silly, he’s trying to wear Minnie Mouse ears! I think this was fairly soon after I’d gotten Dreamy. They actually have a Palace Pet billboard with Pumpkin on it. I’ve seen one with Teacup on it too. And Treasure. This is Candy’s stock photo. Treasure likes selfies. This is from a *really* long time ago. It’s from an old flip phone that could miraculously take pictures. … Continue reading Memories through Photos

A Dog and Me Part Three

Note: Since I want to keep this as similar to the original as possible, I’m only going to change spelling and slight grammar. I might add notes for understanding, since this was written by my five year old self. I have definitely improved since then trust me! We ended part two with page six, so let’s start with page 7. Brownie played football. She is a dog. She has a sister. Her name is Sugar Cinnamon. I love her 1000%. This is based on a true story (Actually, this is an actual true story,) And did I tell you about the Macy’s … Continue reading A Dog and Me Part Three