Photo Contest Winners

Hello friends! Are you ready to see the winners of our photo contest? First up we have… Maggie! This is an adorable photo that features Maggie’s squishmallow friends enjoying a yummy summer treat…popsicles! I love the vibrant colors. Our other winner is… AdventuresofAGDolls! In this photo, Bella and Forest are having a fun campout. I love all the props, especially the toasted marshmallow! I hope you liked seeing these awesome photos! Continue reading Photo Contest Winners

Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement

Hello friends! You may be wondering why we’re all gathered here today. Well, there are a couple reasons! We will be announcing the giveaway winners, but first, we have an announcement! We’re doing a Q&A! You may have seen some new friends pop up lately. Now is a perfect chance to ask them things to get to know them better! Or…perhaps you have some things to ask old friends? Maybe it’s Diamond you have a question for. Either way now’s your chance to ask all the questions! You will have until Sunday, April 17th to ask your questions. This is … Continue reading Giveaway Winners + Q&A Announcement