Hello hello friends! It’s time to kick off water week! For today’s post, I’ll be introducing the craft contest! The rules are simple, follow one of my tutorials under the tag “craft”. (here’s the link!) It can be any craft on my blog, not just one of the camp related ones. Then, you’re going to email a photo of your craft to me at worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com or post a photo on your blog and pingback this post. I will be randomly picking a winner. If you’d like a better chance at winning, you may make multiple crafts. For each different craft … Continue reading CRAFT CONTEST

Caption It! Contest

Hello friends! Welcome to Party week! We’ve got a fun filled week for you all. To kick things off, it’s time for our second summer contest! You guys are going to caption this photo for me! Just what is going on in this photo? Well, I know that, but you guys need to come up with your own idea! Comment plenty of wild things, the crazier the better! Look closely to figure out the best caption for this photo. Anyway, this is a contest. Whichever comment gets the most likes will win the contest! (I will be liking all the … Continue reading Caption It! Contest

Winner of the Summer Story Competition!

Hello friends! Today, I get to announce the winner of the story contest to you all! First of all, it was a hard decision! All of the stories were incredible. But I had to pick one! Now, who wants to know which story won? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yay Issabelle! I loved her story so much, but you guys are about to see for yourself just how awesome her story is! This story is written by her, not me! Enjoy! The wind starts swirling, … Continue reading Winner of the Summer Story Competition!

An Overview of the Camp Contests

Hello friends! I’ve finally worked out some of the details for the contest I’ll be hosting this summer! *crickets* Okay, so maybe you guys aren’t that excited. yet. I will be hosting…4 contests! I was initially planning to do one a week, but honestly, you guys weren’t all excited about the idea and I wasn’t either. So, I’ll just be hosting four. But I’m excited about these! And the prizes for these. First up, a short story contest starting NOW! There really aren’t any rules, just write a summery themed story. You can comment it on here or email it … Continue reading An Overview of the Camp Contests

Cloud Saves the Day With His Awesomeness and Talent ~ Rayna’s Photostory

Hello friends! Today we have our winning story from our contest! Give a huge hand to Rayna for writing this story! *claps* So I do own the photos in this post, but the writing belongs to her. I claim no credit to the story part. “Mommy! I saw this amazing dress on Amazon. Can you get it for me?”I grit my teeth as I saw Candy ask mom for a dozen things. Hadn’t she learned from the past? Sure she had been better than before last Christmas, but she was still a spoilt brat. I love her, but I can’t … Continue reading Cloud Saves the Day With His Awesomeness and Talent ~ Rayna’s Photostory