Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Hello friends! Aftershock Season 1 officially ended last week, and in honor of that, the cast walked the red carpet! We asked them YOUR questions, so let's see what they have to say. Special thanks to Sarah, Raegan, Kaley, Kaelyn, and Zeta for submitting questions. Here come the stars! Before we ask the cast… Continue reading Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

The Valentine’s Day Set-Up ~ A BABF Original Valentine’s Day Photostory

Hello friends! Today I have a really fun photostory for you all. In all my years of blogging on here, I have yet to do a proper Valentine's photostory. So, it's time to fix that! When I got the BAB house situated back in October, I had the idea for this photostory. Now that it's… Continue reading The Valentine’s Day Set-Up ~ A BABF Original Valentine’s Day Photostory

Away In a Manger

Hello friends. Today, we're going to do a different sort of post than normal. This is kind of going to be like a lyric photoshoot, but also more focused on the true meaning of Christmas - Christ. I had fun designing the set and costumes for this, so I hope you guys like it. I… Continue reading Away In a Manger

Christmas Exchange

Hello Friends! Today's post will be all about the Stone's exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I'm posting it today because I have a more spiritual themed post tomorrow and a Christmas haul on Christmas Day. And...I can't believe it's that close to Christmas. Also, as a heads up, this doesn't really have… Continue reading Christmas Exchange

Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Hello friends! It's getting really close to Christmas, so I won't mention how many days are left. (We're getting a little too close for my taste). Anyway, today the Stones starred in a Christmas Caroling photoshoot for all of you to enjoy. I hope you like it! "Kids!" Mommy melodiously called. "It's almost time… Continue reading Christmas Caroling ~ A Photoshoot

Breakfast in Bed ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Peri Today is Mother's Day! But, it's also the second Sunday in May. You guys know what that means though! It's time for BABAD! We're doing things a little differently today. Usually, the featured Build a Bear would plan out their post and choose what they want to share to sum up their personality.… Continue reading Breakfast in Bed ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Peri

Happy Birthday Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry!

Hello friends! Today is Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry's birthday. In honor of that, I decided to write a birthday story that I wrote a few years ago. It's a bit long, so you may want to read parts of it at a time, but I think that you guys would really enjoy this story.… Continue reading Happy Birthday Chip, Sandy, Cherie, and Cherry!

Love Bugs – A Valentine’s Photoshoot

Hello friends! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I took a little photoshoot of Periwinkle and Lil Choc! I figure since they are married with 7 kids, they don’t get a lot of attention on the blog, and they are a great example of love, they would be perfect for today’s post. I’m really happy with… Continue reading Love Bugs – A Valentine’s Photoshoot

Christmas Morning

It was Christmas morning, and that meant it was time for presents! I couldn’t wait! We had already opened our stockings, but now it was time for our presents from Mommy and Daddy! Mommy and Daddy always showered us in presents! I couldn’t wait to see what they had gotten for us. Soon enough, Mommy… Continue reading Christmas Morning

Stone Family Christmas Portraits

Hello friends! Today we have some Christmas portraits of the Stones to share with you all! I had a lot of fun taking these, and I think they turned out very well. First, I just have this portrait of all of them. We started off with professional-esque photos, and then moved on to more fun… Continue reading Stone Family Christmas Portraits