It’s Pizza Time! ~ DIY Pizza

Hello friends! Today I have a craft for you all. I will be showing you how to make a stuffie/doll sized pizza and some of the ingredients. The supplies you will need are tape, markers, thick paper, and scissors. Begin by cutting a circle out of paper. I can’t really tell you much about the size, just make it about the size of a stuffie sized pizza… Color the border a light brown if you can. Next, draw on the pepperoni with a red marker. Time for cheese! Just make various scribbles in yellow and orange. That’s it for the … Continue reading It’s Pizza Time! ~ DIY Pizza

2021 Registration Forms + Graphics

Hello friends! Today, I have registration forms for Camp Happy Heart! You don’t need to fill these out in order to participate in camp, but it’s still fun! Here’s a welcome letter that you can fill out for your campers. The counselor registration form is perfect for all prospective camp counselors. For campers, here’s your form! These forms don’t need to be sent in anywhere, they’re just for fun. However, if you print them out and fill them out for you or your stuffies/dolls, I’d love it if you emailed a photo to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com! You can print these forms out … Continue reading 2021 Registration Forms + Graphics

DIY Mini Xbox ~ Craft

Hello friends! Today you won’t be seeing any of the bears, but you will learn how to make a DIY Xbox that would be perfect for a small stuffed animal or AG doll! The main thing you need is a piece of black foam. You also need some gel pens and scissors. Firstly, we’re going to make the controllers. You need to trace and cut this sort of shape. Cut out two. It’s kind of hard to explain this part, but basically look up Xbox controllers and try to draw the buttons with a white gel pen. Ta-da! Next, cut … Continue reading DIY Mini Xbox ~ Craft

DIY Ghost Costume (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover October 2020)

Hello friends! Today I have a Halloween themed craft for you all! I made a ghost costume for my cousin Mischief, and I’m going to show you all how to make one as well! You will need some sort of white fabric, a pencil, your model, and scissors. Measure the fabric to your model, and cut it to size. Size is really up to you, and I also think that rough edges add to the effect of the costume. Cut a length of fabric that is thin and will wrap around your model. Now, you’re going to mark where your … Continue reading DIY Ghost Costume (Wonderful Wednesday ~ BAB Takeover October 2020)

Our Fall Decor + DIY (Marvelous Mondays with Eden ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)

Hello friends! Today, Eden will be sharing the Fall-themed decorations up at her house. She hopes you enjoy. Also, stay to the end, and Eden will show you how to make one of her decorations. Firstly, in the kid’s room, we have a pumpkin and a cauldron for decoration. The kitchen has Eden’s favorite decorations. It has a pumpkin and a flower pot(which is what Eden will show you how to make.) In the adult bedroom there are simply two pumpkins by the bed. In the living room, there is a lot for Eden to show you! There is a … Continue reading Our Fall Decor + DIY (Marvelous Mondays with Eden ~ BAB Takeover Week October 2020)

DIY Passports

Hello friends! Today I have a craft for you all! Before we get into this, I want to let you know that this is not my best craft! I didn’t have a whole lot of materials, so I had to improvise… You will need: paper, tape, markers & pens, and scissors. Now, here’s where you would typically cut the paper into strips. Since I didn’t know where my scissors were, I ripped the paper. Hehe, it kind of worked! Now, you’re going to fold the paper to the size that you think the passport should be. And…trim(or rip)the excess. Tape … Continue reading DIY Passports

DIY Keyboard

Hello friends! I have another craft for you all today. I will be showing you guys how to make a keyboard for your campers. It’s really easy. You will need an index card, a black marker, scissors, and washi tape. It’s that simple. You’re going to start by rounding the edges of the index card until you have this shape. You’re going to draw a keyboard shape next. Color the edges black. Ta-da! Now you have the basic keyboard part. To make the strap, you are going to wrap washi tape around the keyboard. Make sure the strap can fit … Continue reading DIY Keyboard

DIY Books + Free Prinatables!

Hello friends! Today I have a craft that I’m really proud of! Not only do I think it looks really good, but it’s also fun to make! Please excuse me in the voiceover, I’m not as comfortable talking as I am typing. But, I felt that this was more suited to a video than a post. And, here are the printables! This one has some of the typical dystopian novels. You know, like Hunger Games, or Divergent. This one has the Percy Jackson books. I’ve never read them, but I think a lot of you guys probably have. Here’s everyone’s … Continue reading DIY Books + Free Prinatables!

DIY Artist Smock

Hello friends! Welcome to the first day of Colorful Creations! Today I have a craft for you all. It’s really easy. I’ll be showing you guys how to make an artist smock for your campers! Let’s go! All you really need is a plastic grocery bag and scissors. But I included the tape in case I messed up(which I did,) Measure your camper against the plastic bag. Cut a poncho shape out. You’ll also need to cut a long piece of the bag to tie around your camper’s waist. You will need to cut a neckline. Pull the smock over … Continue reading DIY Artist Smock