Sweetie’s Favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins {guest post by Kaley}

Hello friends! Today we have a fun recipe from Kaley…it will take your taste buds on an adventure. Enjoy this recipe! Hello, everyone! It’s Sweetie here. Today I’m going to demonstrate making pumpkin chocolate chi- Fuzzy! It’s not made yet. And yes, I did say chocolate, but you can not eat any yet. *huffs* Anyway… we’re making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins/cake cookies. You can make them either way, and today we’re baking them as cookies. Here’s what you need for one batch: 14oz Can of pumpkin 1 box of cake mix (we prefer yellow cake mix, but honestly anything works) 1/2 bag … Continue reading Sweetie’s Favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins {guest post by Kaley}

Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

Hello friends! Welcome back to the 31 Days of Christmas! Today we’re winding down…Waffle will be showing you some cookies that he made this Holiday season. Hi guys! Welcome to Waffle’s kitchen! I’m going to be showing you all some cookies that I baked this holiday season! First up is a classic…chocolate chips! Then, I melted some chocolate and dipped the cookies in the chocolate. Yummy! Then I tried meringues…I’ve never made them before and I think I did something wrong, but they still taste good! This was very easy…just a chocolate-covered pretzel. I made this fudge, which may be … Continue reading Waffle’s Christmas Cookies

Baking Candy Cane Cookies

Hello friends! Today’s post was not scheduled ahead of time…which kind of stressed me out a bit. But anyway, I think there’s plenty of time for me to finish this up before 3 p.m. If you’re seeing this, then that’s a good sign! Anyway, I mentioned how it was a Naughty and Nice themed post didn’t I? But it isn’t a new episode? Well, what could it be!? I’m going to be baking Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies like the North Pole is famous for in the series! I think I might call them Candy Cane Cookies because that has a … Continue reading Baking Candy Cane Cookies

We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three

Hello friends! Are you guys ready for more Naughty and Nice? I think you are! The story is definitely getting good right now. This episode took forever…probably the longest episode to make. That’s because there are lots of different settings here. That being said, I really like how it turned out! The North Pole looks really cool here. Don’t forget to catch up on what you missed! He’s Making a List ~ Naughty and Nice Episode One A Mantle of White ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Two We reported back to the elf from whom we had gotten our costumes. … Continue reading We Are Santa’s Elves ~ Naughty and Nice Episode Three

Skipping Stones Episode 4 “Turkeys and Proposals Pt. 2”

Hello friends! Happy Black Friday! What are your plans like for the day? Shopping? Eating leftovers? Decorating for Christmas? Or…perhaps you’ve been anxiously awaiting the continuation of Skipping Stones? spoiler, Bella says NO. Or…does she? Anyway, um…I’ll be decorating for Christmas. But for now, it’s time for today’s episode of Skipping Stones! (previously on Skipping Stones) “So…I’m going to propose today!” “Isn’t it funny how you said dinner was at twelve and no one is here yet?” “That’s family for you,” Peri sighs. “But it’s a good thing too because the turkey isn’t quite done yet.” “Which is why I … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 4 “Turkeys and Proposals Pt. 2”

Thankfulness, Tribes, and Tastes: Thanksgiving 2021

Hello friends! Happy Thanksgiving! How has your day been so far? Have you had a lot of food? I don’t actually know what I’ve been up to today. I’m scheduling my Thanksgiving post for once. I figured…why not take Thanksgiving off blogging-wise? (I’ll also be scheduling my Christmas Day post. 3 years of blogging on Holidays is enough) Anyway, likely I’m currently lounging on the couch with my family with a full stomach. But enough about me! Let’s see what Waffle and Theo are up to. Hey boys! What are you guys doing today? “We’re eating! I made most of … Continue reading Thankfulness, Tribes, and Tastes: Thanksgiving 2021

Skipping Stones Episode 3 “Turkeys and Proposals Pt. 1”

Hello friends! Are you guys ready for more Skipping Stones? *crickets* Well, I’m excited at least. And for this week, I’ve prepared two episodes of Skipping Stones! you’ll find out why soon…. Alright, without further ado, I present to you Skipping Stones! Kids scream as the remote changes the TV back and forth from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to Football pregames. Mommy Stone frantically checks the refrigerator for more mayonnaise. A car pulls up – a few hours too early. The Stone household erupts into utter and complete chaos. It’s Thanksgiving Day. “You know…I didn’t have chaos on my … Continue reading Skipping Stones Episode 3 “Turkeys and Proposals Pt. 1”

DIY Fall Foods || Thanksgiving Week

Hello friends! I’m so excited to kick off Thanksgiving week! I was going to do a 7 day week, but seeing as I decided to do the 31 Days of Christmas, I thought a 5 day week would be a better use of my time. But, I think you guys are going to love all five posts! Today, we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving itself! It’s time to make some food! I’m probably going to start making the food for my family today. But that’s not what you came here for! You guys want to see stuffie foods! I chose a … Continue reading DIY Fall Foods || Thanksgiving Week

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Five

Hello friends! How are you all on this fine Friday? Welcome back to L’Etudiant Etranger! Today’s episode is the last episode…of season one. Thank you guys so much for loving this story so far! I had such a great time writing it and taking the pictures(especially this batch). Here’s the glossary and link to previous episodes. Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Episode Four “We’re leaving in fifteen minutes!” Clarice announced. “Oh là là,” I muttered to myself. I was not ready. Saturday mornings weren’t exactly my favorite time of day productivity-wise. I was more the type of person to … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Five