Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Hello friends! Camp Happy Heart 2020 is almost over. So, like I did last year, I will do a recap of camp! Prepare for a lot of links. Like, a lot. Anyway, let’s relive the best of camp! Craft Round-Up A Brand New Summer (Guest Post by Emmie) DIY Pillow Petal Meets Her Cabinmates ~ Life at Camp Tour of Camp DIY Red Cape Meet Kaelyn and Daisy (Guest Post by Kaelyn) Part of Your World Photoshoot Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! ~ Life at Camp Princess and the Pea Retelling Gymnastics Photoshoot DIY Volleyball Winning and Losing ~ Life at Camp … Continue reading Camp Happy Heart Recap 2020

Training Peaches ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

UPDATE: We were having some issues with the photos, but that should be resolved now! Hello friends! Do you guys want a bonus post today? I mean, I hope your answer would be yes… Anyway, today I have an extra post for you! It’s actually the guest post from last week, but WordPress was giving everyone trouble last week, so it’s a little late. Anyway, Kaelyn sent this one in. I hope you enjoy reading it! Hello Campers of Camp Happy Heart! My name is E-E the monkey and I am one of the writers on Stuffed Stories and I am proud … Continue reading Training Peaches ~ Guest Post by Kaelyn

Dog Show

Hello friends! Today the campers at Camp Happy Heart are hosting a dog show! Let’s see who was able to train their dog to do the most tricks. “Welcome to our dog show! As judges, us counselors are excited to see what tricks you guys have come up with. Our first group will be the Bold Butterflies, with their dog Sunny! The Bold Butterflies cabin led their dog to the stage. “Come here Sunny!” Sandy called. Sunny obeyed. “Stand up Sunny!” Sandy cheered. Sunny obeyed again. “Lie down,” “Roll over!” Sunny had been a good dog. She followed every command … Continue reading Dog Show

DIY Pet Supplies

Hello friends! Today I’ll be showing you how to make some supplies for your stuffed pets. I’m going to start by showing you how to make a collar and leash. You will need ribbon and glue dots. Cut a length of ribbon a little longer than your pet’s neck. Put a glue dot on the end, and put the two ends together. Ta-da! Okay, so for your leash, you will need to measure the length from the dog’s collar to your camper’s hand. Make sure to leave some excess to make a loop for your camper’s hand. Use a glue … Continue reading DIY Pet Supplies

Puppy Love Photoshoot

Hello friends! Today I have a photoshoot of Sandy and some of the dogs from the animal shelter. I hope you enjoy! Sandy loves animals, especially dogs. I love this shot. Sandy is overwhelmed by all the cute doggies! This dog is named Sugar. The bulldog is named Meatloaf. This one is Coconut. All three dogs seem to love Sandy. Wherever Sandy goes, these dogs follow. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s furry friend post! Continue reading Puppy Love Photoshoot

A Trip to the Animal Shelter ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Cherie will be narrating a photostory about the trip to the animal shelter! Hey readers! I’m going to tell you guys about a trip that my cabin took to the animal shelter. I was a little nervous. We were supposed to be picking out a dog to train. If we didn’t pick out a good dog, we wouldn’t stand a chance in the dog show on Friday. We were also performing some service for the shelter. They’ve been overrun by dogs lately, so we were taking some out to train for a week at camp. We entered … Continue reading A Trip to the Animal Shelter ~ Life at Camp Photostory