Merry Christmas + BAB Haul

Merry Christmas friends! Today has been wonderful so far. We exchanged gifts as a family and I helped my mom cook some. We’re just chilling and listening to some Christmas music right now. Then, we’re going to watch some movies, eat lunch, and play the Xbox(we got some new games!) Anyway, right now I’m going to show you guys what I got that’s BAB related! I got a lot of stuff this year, so I’m not trying to brag, just show you guys what I got. I like doing these haul posts because I think it’s fun to look back … Continue reading Merry Christmas + BAB Haul

Recent Clothes Haul (Fashion Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2020)

Hello friends! I’m Swirl, and today I’ll be hosting Fashion Friday! We got some new clothes recently, so I’m going to show you all some of them! Diamond made most of them, but I’ll mention the ones she didn’t. We all modeled them, and that was pretty fun! Let’s get started. Cali is wearing a teal lace dress and a crocheted cardigan. Candy is modeling a lace shirt and a denim skirt. Here I am! I’m wearing a hot pink T-Shirt(which was store bought) and some overalls. Sparkles has on a white T-shirt(which we bought more of, you’ll see later!) … Continue reading Recent Clothes Haul (Fashion Friday ~ BAB Takeover Week November 2020)

The Build a Bear’s Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul

Hello friends! Recently, I took some Build a Bears to Disney World with me. I took some pictures and had lots of fun. I will share a few pictures now. Three of Peri’s kids. Candy, Cali and Cloud Wicket’s reflection. I think Cloud smelled something bad. My guess is that this is when we went through Savannah. Somewhere in between these two pictures, we stopped by Build a Bear Workshop in the mall of Florida. I picked up something. You will see at the end of this post. Ooooh, we’re getting close! That’s our resort! The master bedroom. Master bath. … Continue reading The Build a Bear’s Trip Day 1 and BABW Haul