Interview with Diamond’s Dad

Hello friends! It’s me, Diamond, and today I’m going to interview my dad about my blog and Build a Bear and such. Thanks Dad! (his words will be in blue) 1. Who was my first Build a Bear? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Rey or Ben Solo. Treasure probably thinks she is. After 10 years and 100s of bears, it’s a little difficult to remember. Come on, it hasn’t been quite a hundred. I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t a bear at all. Oh, that’s right. It’s Brownie! Yep! 2. How long have I been blogging for? Um, three years? … Continue reading Interview with Diamond’s Dad

Interview with Treasure (Thursday’s Twilight ~ April 2018)

Hey guys! It’s me, Twilight! Today, Treasure agreed to do an interview with me. I will be asking her the questions and she will be answering. She asked me questions on Treasuriffic Tuesday, so be sure to check that out. My questions will be in purple   Treasure’s answers will be in orange.     Alright, let’s get started! 1. Tell the story of how we met.   Well, I came home from Alabama and I wasn’t officially Diamond’s yet. I had to stay in her closet, and you came in to visit me every so often. When I finally … Continue reading Interview with Treasure (Thursday’s Twilight ~ April 2018)

Interview with Twilight (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ April 2018)

Hello all! Are you so glad it’s Tuesday? Tuesday means you all get to be blessed with my glorious presence. Today is the second day of the second BAB Takeover week. Today, my best friend Twilight agreed to do an interview with me. Today I will ask her questions and she’ll answer. Then, she’s going to ask me questions for Thursday’s Twilight. Look forward to that because I am awesome! Twilight’s answers will be in purple and my questions will be in orange. Question number 1. Will you ever admit that I am better than you?   Um, no. Maybe … Continue reading Interview with Twilight (Treasuriffic Tuesday ~ April 2018)