Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Hello friends! Aftershock Season 1 officially ended last week, and in honor of that, the cast walked the red carpet! We asked them YOUR questions, so let’s see what they have to say. Special thanks to Sarah, Raegan, Kaley, Kaelyn, and Zeta for submitting questions. Here come the stars! Before we ask the cast their questions, we’re going to get some shots of the celebs. Okay, now we’re going to ask the cast some questions. Miss Cali Stone! Who is your favourite character in the story? *laughs* Well, I could be biased, but I do admire Lauren. For some reason, … Continue reading Aftershock Red Carpet Q&A

Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 4) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

It’s one week before Christmas! I can’t believe it. I’m super excited! Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying Candy’s Christmas Carol. It’s time for part 4, so let’s get right into that. This is the shortest post, but it is kinda fun because Candy gets a glimpse into the future. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 For the last time that night, I heard a noise. This time, I hadn’t fallen asleep. Anxiety overtook me as I thought about the third visitor. The sound that announced the third spirit’s arrival was not cheerful as the others had been. This sound was … Continue reading Candy’s Christmas Carol (Part 4) ~ A BABF Mini Photo Series

National Teddy Bear Day (My Teddy Bears + Facts)

Hello friends! Today is National Teddy Bear Day! I took some photos of all of my bears, and I’ve also compiled some facts about my teddy bears. I hope you enjoy! Here’s a group photo of everyone. After this, I took solo photos of the bears in the order that I got them. Two of the bears(Lil Choc and Cokie) were initially bought for my mom. Even though the brand is called Build a Bear, it took 8 Build a Bears before I got a bear. And that was bought for my mom! My first bear was number 13. Bella … Continue reading National Teddy Bear Day (My Teddy Bears + Facts)

Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears

Hey guys! So I decided to document when I got Rey and Kylo on April 14th. I will be sharing those pictures today! Let’s get started. I always like to look through a few to choose the perfect one. I like the display they have.   OK, so now I’ve got the two perfect ones.   I liked this Groot shirt. (Sorry the pictures upside down)   I considered buying some of these shirts.   This one was probably my favorite.   I almost got a lightsaber.   Awwww,   Okay, now it’s time to make birth certificates! I get … Continue reading Stuffing Rey and Kylo ~ Getting my Build a Bears