L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode Four {Series Finale}

Hello friends! At last, we’re at the end of L’Etudiant Etranger. This is my first completed multi-season photoseries! That’s exciting, right? Anyway, today’s episode is the last episode ever…so I really hope you enjoy! Days passed and I still hadn’t made my decision. “Are your things ready for the airport?” Clarice asked. “Adeline sweetie, I don’t remember if you’ve ever told me when you’re flying home. Is it soon?” “Oh, I am staying in the United States for a while. I love it here!” Adeline happily replied. I loved it here too, but was that enough to stay? I couldn’t … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode Four {Series Finale}

L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode Three

Hello friends! It’s time for episode three of L’Etudiant! I can’t believe we’re already almost done with this series. Also, I had promised to give you all the conclusion to our Star Wars saga this Star Wars day, and erm…that didn’t happen. I *promise* I’ll make it happen next year! Anyway, on with the continuation of Gisselle’s story! “You’re going to love our cousins!” Claire beamed. Today was aigre-doux*. Adeline was going to be meeting all the friends I’d made over the past year, and we were going to celebrate. But also, it was potentially the last time I’d see … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode Three

L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode One

Hello friends! Are you guys ready to begin our first photo series of 2022? I am! This is the first of four episodes that comprise Gisselle’s return to France. You might meet some new characters along the way! I’m excited to wrap this series up. I really like how it turned out. Also, the lighting in these photos may be a little off. That’s because I’ve been a bit busy lately, and I didn’t have a lot of time to make this post. But otherwise, I’m happy with how it turned out, and I hope you guys are too. It … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger || Season Two, Episode One

Assortment of Awesome no. 3 {exposing all my secret plans}

Hello friends! I realize that you all were promised Aftershock in January. Whelp, it is no longer January and you still don’t have Aftershock…so where’s Aftershock Diamond? Aftershock News Basically…Aftershock hasn’t been written yet. I’m planning ten episodes, and then I’d like to have some time to edit them to make sure everything fits together and wraps up nicely for the final season. So I really cannot guarantee that Aftershock will be up before CHH 2022. I hope it will, I really do. Because…honestly I’m ready to move on. Don’t get me wrong, Aftershock is my first photo series and … Continue reading Assortment of Awesome no. 3 {exposing all my secret plans}

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Five

Hello friends! How are you all on this fine Friday? Welcome back to L’Etudiant Etranger! Today’s episode is the last episode…of season one. Thank you guys so much for loving this story so far! I had such a great time writing it and taking the pictures(especially this batch). Here’s the glossary and link to previous episodes. Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Episode Four “We’re leaving in fifteen minutes!” Clarice announced. “Oh là là,” I muttered to myself. I was not ready. Saturday mornings weren’t exactly my favorite time of day productivity-wise. I was more the type of person to … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Five

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Four

Hello friends! It’s once again time for L’Etudiant Etranger! I’m really happy with the response this story has created so far. I’m glad you guys like seeing Gisselle. Here’s episode 4! We’re getting really close to the season finale, but there will be a season two! Anyway, I’m going to get on with the episode now! Well, after the glossary at least. Episode One Episode Two Episode Three We sat outside on the metal bleachers. Sweat rolled off my forehead as I dabbed at it with the hem of my shirt. “Un soleil de plomb!” I exclaimed. “It must be … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Four

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Three

Hello friends! I hope you guys are ready for another episode of L’Etudiant Etranger! In this episode, Gisselle will meet the whole Stone crew! Episode One Episode Two “We’re gonna be late!” Rudy whined.  He was eager to get to his cousins’  house, and while I was also looking forward to it, I knew the importance of first impressions. That’s why I had spent an hour fixing myself up, while Rudy had simply showered and thrown on a t-shirt. But see, Rudy already knew these people. They knew him, so it didn’t matter what he wore today. But for me, … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Three

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Two

Hello friends! Welcome back to BABF. Today, we’ve got another episode of L’Etudiant Etranger. This one’s really fun, and I hope you all enjoy! By the time I woke up, sunlight filled the room. It felt like it should be much earlier. But then again, I was still operating on Normandy time. I rolled over under my thick covers. Jet lag was real. I glared at my still-packed suitcase. Silently, I cursed my past self. Why hadn’t I just unpacked last night? Sure I was tired, but I wasn’t much less tired today. I sighed and unzipped the suitcase. Might … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode Two

L’Etudiant Etranger Episode One ~ Back to School Week

Hello friends! Today is the final day of Back to School week! Today’s post is extra exciting, because we’re kicking of a new photoseries! My goal is to finish this up before December, so you’ll get to see every episode soon. AND, there will probably be a season two next spring! Season one is titled: Bienvenue. Okay, anyway this series will officially introduce Gisselle into our stuffie family! I can’t say too much more, so please enjoy episode one of L’Etudiant Etranger! I made a glossary for anyone who wants to know what Gisselle says when she’s speaking French. Okay, … Continue reading L’Etudiant Etranger Episode One ~ Back to School Week