Starburst’s Driving Playlist ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Starburst

Hello friends! It’s been a while since our last BABAD, eh? Whelp, anyway, it’s time for another one! This one will feature Starburst. Enjoy! Hey guys! It’s me, Starburst. As a mom, I run a lot of errands. Even though I work from home, I still have a lot of time that I spend driving. Sitting in silence for so long would be so boring, so my driving playlists are a lifesaver! Anyway, all that is to say that in this post, I will be sharing 11 songs that I’ve been jamming out to lately in the car! It’s literally … Continue reading Starburst’s Driving Playlist ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Starburst

Band Photoshoot (the third)

Hello friends! This is always one of my favorite posts to make, and I’m really excited to share these photos with you! I really do feel like these posts get better each year. Here are our performers together! We’re running out of room to fit everyone lol. Cam’s on one of the guitars. He doesn’t really know how to play, but he has fun strumming the two chords Petal taught him. Likewise, Swirl only knows what her sister taught her. Petal on the other hand is a guitar queen! She picked it up a couple years ago at camp and … Continue reading Band Photoshoot (the third)

Goodbye Summer (Photoshoot of Gracie)

Hello friends! In honor of summer being over, I took a summery photoshoot of Gracie. I feel like I don’t do photoshoots of Gracie enough! She looks adorable. Also, I sewed this pair of overalls last week, so please appreciate them! They took me over 2 hours to make… Also, please appreciate the clasps, because they took so long! Anyway, I never know how to caption photoshoots, so I’m just going to use the lyrics from the song Summer Feelings. Also, before I begin this photoshoot, I’d love it if you could take my BABF 2020 survey! I announced it … Continue reading Goodbye Summer (Photoshoot of Gracie)

10 Songs You Need to Listen To (Melodious Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

Hello friends! I’m Petal, and I’m the resident music expert here at BABF! No, that sounds weird. I’m the biggest music fan here? I don’t know. I like music a lot I guess. Which, is why I was chosen to head Melodious Monday. Anyway, today I picked out 10 songs that you need to listen to! I’m going to try to pick some songs that are lesser known, but I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any popular songs here. Anyway, I guess I’ll get started. Let Me Move You by Sabrina Carpenter I can go ahead and tell you … Continue reading 10 Songs You Need to Listen To (Melodious Monday ~ BAB Takeover Week August 2020)

Band Photoshoot

Hello friends! Last year, I absolutely did not want to do the battle of the bands photoshoot. It took forever to make, and it was kind of a pain. But, it turned out so well! I encourage you to look back at the post to look at the pictures and compare them to today’s pictures. Since that post ended up being my favorite post of Camp last year, I decided to bring it back. I feel like I’ve really grown, and I’m incredibly proud of these photos. So, no captions on today’s photoshoot! You guys just have to enjoy these … Continue reading Band Photoshoot

Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Today Sparkles will be narrating the photostory. Enjoy! Tomorrow, I would have to go on stage and perform as part of the bear band. All of my cabin was practicing for it. None of us were particularly good at anything, we were just playing for fun. But I still seemed to be doing the worst, despite the fact that I’d practiced a lot since last year. Cali was singing her heart out. She would have no problem singing in front of the whole camp. My hands shook as I practiced my cello. Despite my practice, I still played … Continue reading Sparkles has Stage Fright? ~ Life at Camp Photostory