Farewell 2021

Hello friends! It’s New Year’s Eve! Can you believe 2021 will be over in about 9 hours? I CAN’T WAIT! I couldn’t think of a post to do today, but you know that song people always sing at New Year’s? I decided to make a lyric photoshoot of that. I looked up the lyrics, and the song is called Auld Lang Syne…I feel dumb for not knowing this. Anyway, it’s about two friends who meet up for a drink…of um, hot cocoa of course! I decided to let Sandy and Gracie model for this photo shoot. They’re best friends who … Continue reading Farewell 2021

Blogging Plans for 2022

Hello friends! Today we’re resting from all the big posts I did for Christmas. We’re going to look at some plans that I have for 2022! 2022 is very close…a little too close for my liking. Thankfully though, I’ve started making blogging plans. Let’s talk about them! January You guys are gonna be excited…Aftershock season three! I need to actually write this, so I won’t make any promises as for the premiere date. Let’s just say the season opener will be…explosive. I’d also like to focus on a blog organization. Make sure to let me know if there’s a way … Continue reading Blogging Plans for 2022

Blogging Plans For 2021 (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2021)

Hello friends! Today, I(Sandy), will be telling you guys some of our blogging plans for 2021! Here at BABF, we are beyond pumped for everything that’s coming! I’m really happy that it’s my job to give you hints at the things that are coming. Before we get started, I wanted to show you this family portrait Diamond made for us. Isn’t is lovely? January As you probably know by now, BAB Takeover week! We’re kind of doing a new years-y theme. Then, once BABTW is over, we’re going to officially announce to you all our new friends, Cam and Stella. … Continue reading Blogging Plans For 2021 (Saturdays with the Stones ~ BAB Takeover Week January 2021)

Resolutions Race ~ A New Year’s Photostory

Happy New Year everyone! I haven’t seen you guys since Christmas, and I’ve missed posting every day already! But, I’ve got a lot of plans in store for 2021 and I’m very happy with the direction that this blog is going in. Before we get started, please check out the profile pages! I completely overhauled them and I’m really happy with them. It would mean a lot to me if you guys gave those pages some love! This photostory is about Cherie trying to complete her New Years resolutions before the New Year. I struggled with beginning this tale because … Continue reading Resolutions Race ~ A New Year’s Photostory