A Review of Stuffems Toy Shop Make Your Own Stuffed Animal

Hello friends! McKayla was having some technical difficulties, so she couldn't get the guest post in. But, it works out, because I have something exciting to share with you all! Today, I have a new bear! This guy isn't Build a Bear though(shocker), so I thought I would give a review of him! Also, there… Continue reading A Review of Stuffems Toy Shop Make Your Own Stuffed Animal

Camp Happy Heart News and Goals 2020

Hey guys! Today, I have for you some news about Camp Happy Heart and some of my goals for it this year. First up, I'm going to share with you the news about Camp: I'm switching up the week schedule! That's right. I'm switching "Oh The Places We'll Go" with "Astonishing Athletics". Also, you may… Continue reading Camp Happy Heart News and Goals 2020

Assortment of Awesome

I really wasn't planning to make a post today. Even though my posting day is Friday, I was planning to give myself the day off. Hence why this post is slightly later than most of my others. I just have a lot of updates and things to talk about today, so that is why I… Continue reading Assortment of Awesome

Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

Ok guys, for today's post, I will just be compiling all the little hints about our secret summer project, along with the guesses. I won't be revealing this just yet, but I will next time! This post is meant to hype you guys up, so try to guess if you can! Any correct guesses will… Continue reading Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

A New Beginning

Hello friends! (ah, does anyone remember when I used to greet every post like that?) I have some very exciting news to share with you guys. I gave you a hint in my last post (I said the quality of the post was impacted), but did anyone guess? More importantly, did anyone guess correctly? Let's… Continue reading A New Beginning