Assortment of Awesome

I really wasn't planning to make a post today. Even though my posting day is Friday, I was planning to give myself the day off. Hence why this post is slightly later than most of my others. I just have a lot of updates and things to talk about today, so that is why I… Continue reading Assortment of Awesome

Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

Ok guys, for today's post, I will just be compiling all the little hints about our secret summer project, along with the guesses. I won't be revealing this just yet, but I will next time! This post is meant to hype you guys up, so try to guess if you can! Any correct guesses will… Continue reading Teaser Compilation – Secret Summer Project

A New Beginning

Hello friends! (ah, does anyone remember when I used to greet every post like that?) I have some very exciting news to share with you guys. I gave you a hint in my last post (I said the quality of the post was impacted), but did anyone guess? More importantly, did anyone guess correctly? Let's… Continue reading A New Beginning