Photography with Pumpkin – BAB Takeover Week February 2020

  Hello friends! I was going through Diamond's drafts, and even though I was going to post some of my recent photography, I figured I might as well post about some old photos first! I'm going to warn you in advance that these are pretty bad quality, but they were taken out of pure fun with… Continue reading Photography with Pumpkin – BAB Takeover Week February 2020

Art Dump from Baby Diamond

Hello friends! As you know, I have more old drawings to share! Let’s get right into it, and remember, this is very old, so I have improved a bit since then. Here’s a picture of Velvety. Yeah, I’m guessing Velvety was my favorite at this point in time. This is supposed to be Patrioticy. There… Continue reading Art Dump from Baby Diamond

Build a Bears Furever Art Dump 2019

Hey guys! If you’ve been following my other blog, you know I’ve been going through some of my old artworks and stuff. Someday, I’ll do a post on my older art, but for today, I’m going to be sharing some of my better(and more recent) works. This is something I did very recently. Probably like,… Continue reading Build a Bears Furever Art Dump 2019

Flashback Friday – BAB Takeover Week March 2019

Hello friends! In honor of our upcoming blogiversary, we decided that we would have a flashback post! I (Summer), will be sharing my thoughts on some of our older posts. This also gives a great opportunity for new readers to read some of our older posts. It's sad that our new readers aren't familiar with… Continue reading Flashback Friday – BAB Takeover Week March 2019

Memories through Photos

I'm back with more old pictures. This should be the last installment(unless I find more). Let's get started! Notice: Most of these photos are pretty bad quality. This is from BABW Orlando. Wicket is silly, he's trying to wear Minnie Mouse ears! I think this was fairly soon after I'd gotten Dreamy. They actually have… Continue reading Memories through Photos

Random Pictures Floating Around

I found some random pictures on my computer and I thought I would share now that I have a Build a Bear blog! I'm excited. Just so you know, these are bad quality and I intend to have better quality in the future. Treasure with her cake. Cherry standing. The twins, Cherry and Cherie. The… Continue reading Random Pictures Floating Around