V.I.B. New Years Party

Hello friends! Today is New Year’s Eve, and I have a fun little thing for you today! Follow the adventures of Cali and the rest of the BABs as they celebrate the new year at an exclusive V.I.B. Party! This will be different than anything I’ve ever done! Basically, I’m splitting it up into a… Continue reading V.I.B. New Years Party

Patriotic Party – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Hello friends! Today I’m going to share with you guys the party that the campers at Camp Happy Heart had yesterday! It seemed like they had a blast! Let’s see what they were up to. Cali? Claire? What are y’all doing? Cali: We’re getting some of this delicious food that Berry made. She made red,… Continue reading Patriotic Party – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Pool Party – Camp Happy Heart 2019

Candy and Cali like to sunbathe! Cloud and Mischief don't waste a second - they entered the water the second they got to the pool party! And Cherie and Swirl? They just like to play in the sand. Uh-Oh! It looks like the boys have a mischievous idea. Cloud is splashing someone! Oh no! The… Continue reading Pool Party – Camp Happy Heart 2019