Past, Present, Future – May’s Recap

Hello friends! We had a great May, and now it’s time to review it all! Birthdays: Bella and Cokie shared a Birthday on the 7th Gracie and Treasure’s birthday was on the 26th No awards this month folks! Here were some amazing posts I read this month: Another BAB post! *CELEBRATES* Our collab with Rebekah A cool Star Wars post Another amazing Stuffie post Cool photography post Not much news for June, so lets get into the highlights. May 4th was Star Wars day and that was fun. Then Diamond got new furniture in her room, a tour should be … Continue reading Past, Present, Future – May’s Recap

Past, Present, and Future~April’s Recap

*Diamond’s note: Hello friends! I’ve got this new feature on here that will be hosted by Brownie. It will basically be a recap of the month, but this month we have a lot of news. Handing it over to Brownie now* Hello all! It’s me, your host, Brownie Snuggles! We’ve got a lot of news to cover this much for our very first ever, Past, Present, Future! OK, so we will usually cover birthdays and awards on here, but for today, that will stay in Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards. So, we will skip those and move on to some noteworthy … Continue reading Past, Present, and Future~April’s Recap