Happy 4th of July! ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Patrioticy

Hello friends! It’s me, Patrioticy! I know Diamond said that we wouldn’t be having BABAD during Camp, but I just love it so much! Besides, I can’t think of a better time for my BABAD than July 4th! July 4th is my absolute favorite day of the year. Anyway, today I will be sharing my ideal July 4th! Breakfast Eat breakfast! This also brings me to my next point, eat red, white, and blue foods! Strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries will work well for this. Decorate It can be really fun to decorate your house in patriotic colors. I like to … Continue reading Happy 4th of July! ~ BAB Appreciation Days feat. Patrioticy

Patriotic Party with Patrioticy ~ BAB Takeover Week July 2018

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you my patriotic party that I set up! (BTW, it’s me Patrioticy!) Here’s an overview of the scene. I made a bunch of signs! Here’s the food! I got drinks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries, the perfect American meal. For my game, I made pin the stars on the flag. The rug is a bandanna. Here I am! An overview of the scene. The Stone kids all got their portrait made by the flag since they were all dressed up. We have certainly been enjoying our party! I hope your 4th of July … Continue reading Patriotic Party with Patrioticy ~ BAB Takeover Week July 2018

A Dog and Me Part Three

Note: Since I want to keep this as similar to the original as possible, I’m only going to change spelling and slight grammar. I might add notes for understanding, since this was written by my five year old self. I have definitely improved since then trust me! We ended part two with page six, so let’s start with page 7. Brownie played football. She is a dog. She has a sister. Her name is Sugar Cinnamon. I love her 1000%. This is based on a true story (Actually, this is an actual true story,) And did I tell you about the Macy’s … Continue reading A Dog and Me Part Three

Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards

Having so many BABs, it can be hard to make a post for each one’s birthday. So, I decided that every two months, I will acknowledge all the birthdays within those two months. Also, I will do the awards and/or tags within those two months as well. Let’s start with the awards! I was nominated by the I Love You Tag by the lovely Jewel. Thanks Jewel! The Rules : Use the tag image! Link the creator and the original post! Send the card/tag to 5 or more other blogging buddies! You can send it to me and anyone else … Continue reading Bi-Monthly Birthdays and Awards