Aftershock Episode 3

Hello friends! It's time for the next installment of Aftershock! This will be the last installment for a little while, as Aftershock will not be taking place over the summer. Also, this part is a little dull(mostly dialogue), but I feel that it is necessary for the story. I hope you enjoy! Prologue Episode 1… Continue reading Aftershock Episode 3

Aftershock Episode 2

Hello friends! I'm here with another episode of Aftershock! Make sure to check out the prologue and episode 1 if you haven't already! “New Mission! Report to Briefing Room!” BAB-3 rolled around shouting in the middle of the night.             I groaned. I was not expecting to be woken up this late for my… Continue reading Aftershock Episode 2

Aftershock Episode 1

Hello friends! I hope you're ready for the very first episode of Aftershock! Make sure to read the prologue if you haven't yet! (or if you just want a refresher) I showed up to work 8:00 a.m. sharp the next morning, just like I was instructed to do. I even packed a suitcase, though… Continue reading Aftershock Episode 1

Aftershock Prologue

Hello friends! Today I have for you the very first installment of Aftershock! Even though this is a photo series, there will not be any photos in the prologue. I just have a short little passage for you all, so you can kind of get the idea of the series. I hope you enjoy! I’d… Continue reading Aftershock Prologue

Introduction to…

Hello friends! Today I have some exciting news for you all! I am going to be starting a photo series on this blog! *applause* You guys do not know how long I've wanted to make a photo series on here. I just had no idea what to do, because it's a little harder with stuffed… Continue reading Introduction to…