Outdoorsy Photos ~ Guest Photoshoot by Kaley

Hello friends! Apparently life has been really busy for me lately, but the guest posts keep coming! This one comes to you from Ms. Kaley a.k.a. The Little Novelist! She mentioned she had some stuffed animals…and I tend to have a way of getting other bloggers to make stuffie posts…so she offered to do this guest post and I couldn’t refuse! This is only a portion of the photos she sent, but I figured the rest would be good for the recap at the end of camp. OH REMINDER: Send in any camp experiences/photos to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com! I need them by … Continue reading Outdoorsy Photos ~ Guest Photoshoot by Kaley

We’ll Be The Stars ~ Lyric Photoshoot

Hello friends! Today I have a photoshoot for you all, and I figured, why not add a song to make it more interesting? (that’s code for: I’m terrible at captioning photoshoots) Anyway, I took some photos of Stella along a starry backdrop. Then I realized…I’ve already done a Stella photoshoot during camp! Hehe, well this time I added Sparkles, so it’s not just a photoshoot of Stella. Anyway, enjoy! We are young, we are goldTrying things we didn’t knowLooking at the skySee it come aliveAll our fears became our hopesClimbed out every locked windowWe rode a lion’s maneAnd fell upon … Continue reading We’ll Be The Stars ~ Lyric Photoshoot

Petal’s Pool Photos {the post where Diamond drops a stuffie in the water}

Hello friends! As you know, today is water week. I haven’t done the most themed post this week…but it’s time to change that. I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot, but it was also my riskiest one yet… Basically, I won’t do another one like this unless this post gets a LOT of love(likes and comments) Enough about that. You’re here for Petal. If you haven’t already guessed, this post will include photos of Petal chilling by the pool. Here she is relaxing in a lounge chair. If you didn’t know, this is my first outdoor photoshoot! Like … Continue reading Petal’s Pool Photos {the post where Diamond drops a stuffie in the water}

Band Photoshoot (the third)

Hello friends! This is always one of my favorite posts to make, and I’m really excited to share these photos with you! I really do feel like these posts get better each year. Here are our performers together! We’re running out of room to fit everyone lol. Cam’s on one of the guitars. He doesn’t really know how to play, but he has fun strumming the two chords Petal taught him. Likewise, Swirl only knows what her sister taught her. Petal on the other hand is a guitar queen! She picked it up a couple years ago at camp and … Continue reading Band Photoshoot (the third)

A Photoshoot by the Campfire

Hello friends! Today we have a photoshoot by the campfire. I wasn’t sure who to feature, but I figured why not feature the Campfire Crew! Enjoy this little photoshoot! (My editing skills are improving) This photoshoot was a lot different than my normal ones. I mean…the bears almost caught fire! Kidding. It’s all editing. But I did have to experiment with the lighting. I’m really happy with the way these turned out! These three girls love sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows. It’s also fun to sing around the campfire. Or perhaps telling spooky stories is what these gals are … Continue reading A Photoshoot by the Campfire