Nature Hike ~ Guest Post by Liz

Hello friends! Life’s been a bit hectic the past few days, so I haven’t been able to complete some of the posts I was planning for this week. BUT, that’s okay and here’s why! Liz agreed to do a guest post for me, and her idea was actually something I was wanting to post anyway! So now there’s a huge weight off my back, and y’all get an awesome nature hike themed post. So basically, thank you so much Liz! Hello everyone!!!!! My name is Kipper! Spelled with to P’s in the middle, an R at the end, an I … Continue reading Nature Hike ~ Guest Post by Liz

Overcoming Fears ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! Today the campers at Camp Happy Heart got to go down a zipline. But…not everyone was thrilled with that idea. Join Sparkles as she confronts her anxiety about ziplining. Will she go down? Will she not? Find out here! *ahem*, so that intro was fun. This photostory deals a bit with anxiety, which is a mental illness that many suffer with. Lately, I’ve felt the urge to talk about mental health through my blog. I realize that this is a sensitive topic, but my hope is that I can do it in an approachable way. I don’t think … Continue reading Overcoming Fears ~ Life at Camp

A Splashing Good Time ~ Guest Post by Maggie

Hello friends! Today I have a very special post for you all! Maggie of Maggie’s Doodles will be making today’s post! (You can find her blog linked below…I would put it here but TeChnNiCaL dIfFiCuLtIeS) Enjoy Maggie’s story! One fine summer day, Gilda and her friend Kiwi were vibing. “Today feels like a special day to do something awesome,” Gilda suddenly said. “Ooh! I like the sound of that. Do you have any ideas?” Kiwi replied. “Uh… no.” Gilda’s brow furrowed as she wallowed deep in thought. “Hello friends!!” Janet approached them just then, and the two friends greeted her. … Continue reading A Splashing Good Time ~ Guest Post by Maggie

A Day At Camp ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! Today, Oswald is going to show you guys what a typical day here at Camp Happy Heart looks like! *yawns* Good morning guys! It’s a bit early. Counselor Teacup hasn’t even come to wake us up yet, though she’ll probably be in soon. It’s probably seven something. I like to sleep in, but some of my cabinmates(a.k.a. Cam) like to get up early and exercise. He falls back asleep really easily, but I don’t! It’s a little annoying. “Wake up kids! It’s time to get dressed and ready for the day!” Counselor Teacup announces. After Teacup leaves, we … Continue reading A Day At Camp ~ Life at Camp

Prepping For a Surprise ~ Life at Camp

Hello friends! I’ve got a cool post for you today, so enjoy! Just before the campers at Camp Happy Heart awoke, the counselors held a meeting. They did this every morning to plan out the daily events and discuss the needs of the campers. Counselor Peri had a very important announcement. One of her campers had a birthday, and no one knew! The counselors knew there had to be something they could do to make it up to him. A plan was made, and tasks were assigned. “Cloud, we’re going to plan a surprise party for Tye today. Try to … Continue reading Prepping For a Surprise ~ Life at Camp

A Warm Afternoon’s Picnic

Hello friends! Today I have a picnic themed photostory for you all! I did a picnic themed post a couple years ago, but this has a bit more of a plot. I struggled a lot with this post. Fun fact, I actually had all the posts but this one done through the end of next week before I announced my return to this blog! I put this one off for a bit because I couldn’t think of a plot. Then, when I finally decided to write this post, some events happened in my life and I was hit by severe … Continue reading A Warm Afternoon’s Picnic

Cloud Saves the Day With His Awesomeness and Talent ~ Rayna’s Photostory

Hello friends! Today we have our winning story from our contest! Give a huge hand to Rayna for writing this story! *claps* So I do own the photos in this post, but the writing belongs to her. I claim no credit to the story part. “Mommy! I saw this amazing dress on Amazon. Can you get it for me?”I grit my teeth as I saw Candy ask mom for a dozen things. Hadn’t she learned from the past? Sure she had been better than before last Christmas, but she was still a spoilt brat. I love her, but I can’t … Continue reading Cloud Saves the Day With His Awesomeness and Talent ~ Rayna’s Photostory

Force & Family ~ A Star Wars Sequel

Hello friends! Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you! Do you like that featured image? Yeah, I’ve been experimenting with digital art. I like the one of Cloud, but idk about Cali. Anyway, a few years ago, I made a Star Wars photostory. In the story, I left it open-ended. Therefore…I’ve been meaning to continue this tale! It’s been a while though! If you need to catch up, please do so! My original story is…pretty cringey compared to this one though. Just keep that in mind. But, it is somewhat necessary to understand the plot of … Continue reading Force & Family ~ A Star Wars Sequel