Mischief’s DIY Forecast

Hello friends! Mischief here…I’ve hijacked the blog to share my piece about weather week. I’m going to teach you how to always know what the weather is… This weather forecasting stone! I totally came up with this all by myself and did not steal this from Pinterest. Who’s John? Um, good question… Anyway, it’s very detailed! Any weather will be accurately told by this stone. Enjoy this craft if you make it! If you do make it, please send photos to mischieftheprankster(at)haha(dot)com. Continue reading Mischief’s DIY Forecast

Oh No, The Power’s Out!

It’s a stormy day at Camp Happy Heart. The Bold Butterflies cabin is gathered in their cabin, not wanting to walk around in the dangerous weather. The power flickers out and the four campers are left standing in the dark. “Oh my!” Cherie shrieks. “I don’t like the dark.” Cherie thinks she sees a ghost in the window. She runs to her bed and hides. “I don’t like the dark…” Swirl goes over to comfort her friend. “It’ll be alright,” she pats Cherie’s shoulder. “We’re here with you.” “Yeah,” Cherry pipes up. “Nothing will happen to you if we all … Continue reading Oh No, The Power’s Out!

Aftershock Series Finale

Hello friends! Happy Friday! Are you ready to read the final episode of Aftershock ever? I’m not sure that I am to be honest… But anyway, you guys know I’ve been having trouble wrapping this series up, right? I just decided that instead of making a new season, I’d just share everything in one last episode. Here it is! I shivered as I looked out at the chaos that surrounded me. They were all…dead. And all of it was my fault too. Pyro had ruined everything, she’d burned LoS to the ground. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, She’d … Continue reading Aftershock Series Finale

Haunted House ~ BABF’s Halloween Special 2021

Hello friends! Happy Halloween! Today is the last day of Halloween week, which is sad. But, it’s also good because after Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and then comes Christmas! I have big Holiday plans this year. Also, I’m very excited to share today’s post with you all. I had this idea while preparing last year’s Halloween photostory. I really like the concept of today’s post, and I hope I executed it well. I give you…a Haunted House! “Please!” I begged. “A haunted house seems a bit scary for you guys. I don’t want you guys to get scared,” Mommy replied. I … Continue reading Haunted House ~ BABF’s Halloween Special 2021

Paranormal Shenanigans ~ BABF’s Halloween Special 2020

Hello friends! I hope you’re excited for Halloween, because I have a super fun Halloween photostory for you all today. Enjoy! Candy wrappers littered my bedroom floor. “Ohh,” I sighed as I clutched my stomach. “I think I ate too many candies…” Today was Halloween. I couldn’t be sick on Halloween! Mommy was going to take us all trick-or-treating and I was so excited. Struggling, I manage to stand up and find Mommy. “I don’t feel very good,” I moaned. “Cali, it’s ‘I don’t feel very well,” We’ve been over this.” Mommy sighed, barely looking up from the adjustments she … Continue reading Paranormal Shenanigans ~ BABF’s Halloween Special 2020

Last Day of Camp (pt. 2) ~ A Life at Camp Photostory

Hello friends! Here’s the follow-up to yesterday’s post. I hope you like it! It was the last morning of Camp Happy Heart. I rolled over in my bed. Most mornings at Camp, I would burst out of bed, eager to get on with the day’s activities, but not today. Today I would have to go home. Before too long, my cabinmates all gathered to go to breakfast. I decided to go with them, though I didn’t really feel like eating. At the main hall, we all talked about our camp memories. “I don’t want to leave!” I exclaimed. “Me neither,” … Continue reading Last Day of Camp (pt. 2) ~ A Life at Camp Photostory